Get your real burgers here: The Wisconsin Cheese & Burger Society

It’s really surprised me how much attention the articles I’ve written about the McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s burger meals have been getting. With this in mind, I felt the need to draw your attention to some REAL burgers.

The Cheese & Burger Society is a creation of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board in an attempt to sell more Wisconsin cheese, which must be a serious challenge given that America is often considered the place where cheese goes to die. They created an inaugural 30 burgers in 2009 and have recently added 10 “Cheeseburgers across America”.

Here’s a few of my favourites, and I strongly encourage you to go to the site and check out the rest – leave me a comment and let me know which one you crave the most. “The Farmer John” above includes limburger cheese, bacon, onion rings and hash browns on french white bread. Yum.

The Johnny Appleseed – aged cheddar, maple bacon, sauteed apples, wholegrain mustard and red onions on a sourdough loaf.

The Couch Potato – blue cheese, potato chips, smoked pepper pork, onions and garlic mayo on a buttered bun.

The Macho Nacho – cheddar, swiss, tortilla chips, pickled jalapenos, red onion, lettuce, black olives and tomato on a big burger bun.


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