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Brisbane has a whole lot to offer. Indeed, one could easily argue that it is the quintessential Australian city. In nearby Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary you can watch the cuddly marsupials at play in their natural habitat, and even pet one for a small fee. From Kangaroo Point you can take long walks, try your hand at indoor rock climbing, enjoy a picturesque picnic and encounter a bridge climb to rival that of Sydney Harbour. And from Moreton bay you can charter a boat to sail along the Brisbane river and on to the shipwrecks of Tangalooma. But it’s one thing to see Australia and another altogether to taste it. All Aussies consider themselves inveterate foodies and Brisbane offers some of the most charming and idiosyncratic dining options in the country.

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Barbie on the boat

Slinging food on the barbie as you toss back a stubbie on the deck of a chartered boat. That’s the dream isn’t it? Click here to visit website and you can do exactly that. Numerous companies charter boats out of Brisbane to sail along the river or around the Moreton Bay area to see the unique sights as you wine and dine with your friends and family. Kost companies have a BYOB policy and you can either bring your own food or choose from a range of onboard options.

Eat like it’s your last meal on Earth

We all wonder what our last meal would be if we knew it would be our last day on Earth but The Survey Co. in the heart of Brisbane offer their diners a chance to do exactly that. Alongside their usual rustic themed range of comfort foods the The Death Row Meal is an ever rotating regular fixture that comes in its own metal prison tray. If you like a bit of theatre with your food you could do far worse!

Try garlic bread… as a dessert

Gauge in South Brisbane is a restaurant / cafe / bar that defies pigeon holing offering an eclectic yet boundary pushing menu that saw it recognised as last year’s Restaurant of the Year by the Brisbane Times Good Food Guide. This is a place for the serious foodie with challenging taste combinations yet mercifully free of the pretentious price tag you’d expect. Among their more legendary creations is their black garlic bread; a sweetly savory bakes favorite that’s served with main meals and breakfasts but also as a dessert.

If for options you’re stuck, try Kentucky Fried Duck!

Who travels outside of their comfort zone only to eat within their comfort zone? Brisbane’s Public thumbs its nose at homogenous fast food chains with innovative twists on the tried and true. Head Chef Damian Amos’ Mum apparently invented this combo for him to lure him away from the popular fast food. Try it with potatoes, gravy and a side helping of macaroni and cheese alongside a glass of something from Public’s impressive range of fine wines.

These are but a few of the many and varied tastes that Brisbane has to offer. If adventure is what your taste buds seek, here’s where you’ll find it!

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