Gastric Sleeve, Weeks 6-8

Yes, I know it’s been a while. I’m not sure why I haven’t written much recently, I guess things have been a bit up and down but life in general seems to be stabilising now.

The major highlight of the last few weeks was finally coming off insulin after nearly ten years – which is rather a big deal, actually. Instead, I’m taking a new drug called Invokana, which makes me pee out the sugar. I’m drinking more and spending a lot of my day in the toilet but that’s preferable to the injections. My sugars are a little higher than I would like, but my doctor is happy and things should improve as the weight comes down.

Speaking of doctors, the blood tests I had done last week showed a considerable improvement in just about everything from cholesterol to the risk of me being kicked to death by a random goat. As long as my kidneys keep functioning on the new tablets I’ll be fine…


The last thing really troubling me has been nausea, which tends to hit in the mornings (just after I get to work) and can last for hours. It makes concentrating very difficult, and it’s been so bad on some days that I’ve had to come home from work. I suspect that the Optifast shakes might have something to do with it, but finding another high-protein breakfast that I can make in 30 seconds and eat/drink in the car is proving difficult. My energy levels seem just about back to normal, I’d say my endurance is about 80% of what it used to be but I can live with that.

So on to eating. It appears that I can digest just about anything, which is unusual for the 8-week mark. I haven’t ventured too far into bread territory yet, but have successfully eaten toast (normal and French). During the day seems to be the worst, and my digestion of meat is a little inconsistent, but the traumatic indigestion seems to have passed. One thing that shocked me was how easy some KFC went down when I did a Morsels review last week. Crunchy things (crackers, biscuits & crisps) don’t seem to touch the sides, which might be dangerous. Last night I finally ordered the pizza I’d been craving since two weeks before the operation, but instead of consuming a whole large one I had half of a small one, and had the other half for lunch today. Success!!


Top of my to-do list is a milkshake – just a small slurp, honest – although having to wait 30 minutes after eating to drink is proving to be a damn nuisance. I’m eating much less dairy and not missing it one bit. I’ve tried a few “naughty” things – mousse, cheesecake, dark chocolate, curry – not in quantity, of course – but with no ill effects. I’m beginning to think the huge list of “don’t eat or your stomach will explode” items provided by the clinic is all lies.

Clothes are beginning to be a problem, particularly those I don’t wear very often. I pulled my suit out last weekend and it’s like a tent. I suppose I shouldn’t complain. People have actually started to mention my weight loss at work, it seems that most of them have been too polite to say anything until this point.

This morning was the weekly weigh-in, and my loss has dropped to a mere 2kg this week, but that still makes 32kg overall. I guess the 3kg a week couldn’t go on forever, especially since I’m eating constantly. I get the feeling that not too much else will change from here, I just hope my weight loss keeps going until I’ve lost at least 60kg (80kg would be nice).

We’ll have to wait and see.

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Martin was born in England but now lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has a passion for breakfast, coffee, hot curries & fast food, and is a cat & Dalek person.

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  • Congratulations on coming off the insulin. It must be such a life changing difference in your daily routine.

    It’s good to hear that your endurance is closer to normal, but that nausea (no morning sickness jokes, I promise!) sounds awful. I hope it passes soon.

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