From the drive-through: Hungry Jack’s Slow Cooked Pulled Beef Burger

Hungry Jack's

UPDATE: grab a 2-for-1 voucher here, while it lasts…

Hungry Jack’s latest creation is the rather awkwardly named “Slow Cooked Pulled Beef Burger”, which probably signals the start of many such creations from our local chains – Domino’s are another example. As always, we’re a long way behind the USA.

When it comes to leaping on the bandwagon, this is about as unimaginative as you can get – pulled beef, coleslaw, barbecue sauce. I’m a little surprised they didn’t throw some salted caramel on there for the hell of it.

Hungry Jack's

It looks impressive in the picture – but don’t they all – and it’s $4.95 for the burger alone which doesn’t seem expensive until you see how small it is. It’s most definitely cheeseburger size, and I find the marketing picture rather misleading – you couldn’t possibly make a bun this size & texture into that shape, it would disappear.

Hungry Jack's

Looking inside and there isn’t much there – the coleslaw looks like it was applied from a distance – but I’ve seen worse.

Hungry Jack's Slow Cooked Pulled Beef Burger

It actually wasn’t too bad to eat, although I don’t think there was enough of it to satisfy anyone – it was gone before I really had the chance to form a solid opinion, and that’s saying something given I have half a stomach. The meat had a definite “beefy” aftertaste, although texturally I could have been eating canned tuna or chicken. I didn’t notice much flavour from the barbecue sauce.

This wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Give it a go if you’re tempted, but you’ll need to buy two if you want anything more than a snack – for $10, however, there are much better options out there.

UPDATE: grab a 2-for-1 voucher here, while it lasts…

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  • I bought one the other day unfortunately.
    It tasted like someone rolled a turd in sugar n stuffed it my gob.
    Ironic how Halal has removed and ruined the taste of Hungry Jacks Burgers and yet the one burger that has any taste is to say the least, is nothing less than sickly sweet and foul.

  • Very disappointed over sweet thought it was pulled beef with gravy but tasted more like tomatoes sauce mixed with a small amount of gravy waste of money and tasted yuk

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