The Foodie Guide To Those With Just One Day In Sydney

Sydney offers so much in the way of attraction, but it is the culinary scene that takes the top spot. Food isn’t just a necessity; it is a way of life.

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Sydney offers so much in the way of attraction, but it is the culinary scene that takes the top spot. Here, food isn’t just a necessity; it is a way of life. It is a luxury that is never once taken for granted. That is why we felt we had to do something special and come up with the ultimate travel guide for foodies spending just one day in Sydney. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and midnight snack. This is going to be a good day.

Breakfast: Harry’s Bondi

No prizes for guessing this gorgeous cafe is in North Bondi, but there should be prizes given to them for their ability to cure fish like nowhere else we’ve ever been. That’s why you need to order the house smoked salmon. Not only do they know just how to smoke and cure this gorgeous pink fish so that it as tasty as it is meaty, they know just how to plate it up too. They lay the perfect slithers of fish on a bed of dill yoghurt and toast, complementing it with a cherry tomato salad and lemon. It is the best start to a day you will ever have. Period.

Brunch: Kansas City Shuffle

We would say you absolutely have to order the pancakes, but that could throw you off a little. What we mean is, you have to order the pancake. Yup. Just the one. Don’t be disheartened, though; this pancake is ten inches wide, one inch thick and is so perfectly fluffy that it is almost like eating a cake. The best bit is the flavour. Sweet lemon curd, crunchy almonds and the freshest of berries to top it off.

Lunch: Black Bar And Grill

The steak. Get the steak. Please, make sure you try this steak. It is hard to do anything inventive with such a staple food, but the chef here manages to make it so special. That is because he smokes it over cherry wood before grilling it on ironbark coals. All it needs after that i the light sprinkling of pink salt, cutting into perfect slices so that you can see the rich colours throughout and, voila, your mouth is set for an orgasm.

Dinner: Wok On Inn

Before you head to the World Of Whiskey, you need to enjoy a spot of Asian food and what makes an Asian restaurant truly stand out is the tradition. It is being able to taste the authenticity and know that the recipe they used was passed down the generations. That is what you get at Wok On Inn. What makes it so amazing, though, is the diversity of the menu. There are street noodles from Singapore, Laksa barbeque noodles from Korea and Nasi goreng from Indonesia. What you have to try, however, is the Mongolian with Jasmine Rice; a delicious fusion of flavours that you won’t regret.

Midnight Snack: Barrio Chino

You may find this an absurd statement, but there is nothing that accompanies a night of dancing, laughing and nailing back tequila shots like a little midnight snacking on incredible Mexican food. It is just the perfect pit stop. The perfect offering to continue the night and catch up on adventures and simultaneously bond over the most amazing food you will have ever tasted in the middle of the night. As for what to go for, tacos. Any of their tacos. They are seriously good.

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