A lot can change in the space of a year – we’ve already seen some big changes over 2016 and 2017 (who would have guessed that Trump would be America president?!) and it looks like there’ll also be some big upheavals once 2018 begins. And one industry in which you might not think we’d see too many changes is the food industry. After all, things are pretty steady when it comes to food right? Well, things might not be all what they seem.There are always some new trends that enter the food industry each and every year. Want to know what to expect in 2018? Read on!

Improved Restaurant Management

Not all of the trends we will see will be food-based. Just like this one! Over the past few years, the restaurant industry has realised that it needs to start taking its staff seriously and looking after all of its employees. Restaurants can no longer enforce long working hours and they can’t sack workers at the drop of a hat, as that’s when lawyers for unfair dismissal claims could slap them with a hefty court order. So, from next year, expect restaurant wages to increase slightly, and waiters and waitresses to look a lot happier in their jobs!

A Move To Plant-Based Diets

Remember when people thought vegans were a bit of a joke? Well, that is no longer the case! In fact, over the past ten years, the number of vegans and vegetarians has been slowly increasing. And most studies show that this trend is set to get even more popular. In 2018, you should expect to see a lot more plant-based meals and dishes on offer in restaurants as diners expect to have a greater choice when it comes to vegetarian and vegan menu options.


Powder Power

It used to just be gym bunnies and bodybuilders who would happily incorporate protein and whey powders into their meals but from next year, you might be doing this yourself! As more and more people are understanding the benefits of adding powders to their meals – after all, they can pack in a lot of nutrients and are extremely easy to mix into a variety of dishes – it is thought that they will quickly become a lot more common. And that boom in powders is set to begin next year.

Transparent Food

Do you know exactly what goes into your food? If you don’t, you soon will! From next year, there will be an increasing pressure on food producers and manufacturers to let consumers know exactly what ingredients and chemicals are going into foods. Some people believe that this could be the end for the processed food industry as many will turn to cooking from scratch more often to get a healthier diet.

So, are some of these trends in line with your own forecasts? It will be really interesting to see which ones do transpire – I guess we just have to wait for 2018 to find out which do come to fruition!