Focusing on These 4 Things Will Boost Your Employee’s Productivity


Some people say that your office is your home away from home. Your employees spend about half of their week in this compartment as they give their all in their jobs. For a while, you get the best out of their dedication. And at some points, you notice your employees looking more tired and less productive.

Before you go all bossy and lecture them on the importance of not settling with mediocrity, you may want to sit back and reflect if you’re doing your part. Maybe it’s a matter of having an ineffective working environment. The dilemma may range from the lack of proper ventilation to having uncomfortable working areas – well, whatever it is, you can surely seek a piece of advice from furniture shops like Pimp My Office!


Your office doesn’t need to establish the same mood as Starbucks cafe. However, a great ambience would help your workers perform optimally. The lack of proper lighting has a direct effect on how well your employees do. It allows them to avoid straining their eyes when dealing with paperwork, which may cause displeasure. Not only that, but inadequate lighting may also cause headaches and stress.

On the other hand, proper ventilation also reduces feelings of discomfort from the heat or cold. Then, adopting bright colours promotes positive energy and mood among people. Lastly, it will also help if your employees can decorate their working spaces, minimally with picture frames to make it easier for them to remember their motivation.


It’s hard to give your all to your task when your bum feels sore from sitting on an unnecessarily hard chair. The same happens when your back hurts from slumping forward because your desk is disproportionate to your height. Or maybe, it’s a matter of feeling so burned out because all you see is the same pile of paperwork. From time to time, people need to take breaks. For this, it is crucial to have lounging facilities to help your employees release the stress before starting anew. To solve this dilemma, choosing quality furniture like the ones in Pimp My Office for your workers is a simple yet effective course of action to up their total productivity.


Sometimes, things in the office may get so hectic. The deadlines are catching up, and your workers’ quotas are yet to be fulfilled. During times like these, it is easy for paperwork to pile up into mountains. It creates an unnecessary eyesore and takes up extra space. To put things into order, using storage compartments may suffice! Whiteboards and calendars that keep track of schedules are useful organisation tools, as well. Things like these help reduce your employee’s source of panic and irritation. Not just that, when things are organised, people take less time to acquire what they need, thus getting the best out of time resources.


Employees are humans first before they are your workers. This means that they have senses. Sometimes, when multiple stimuli are at play, minimal work would be one, no matter how hard they try to focus. Things like noise, odours, and dirt may seem irrelevant, but having to put up with them when you’re working is a difficult task. Distractions are your enemies. To solve this conflict, you may want to install noise-cancelling devices in the office. Some employees may prefer partitions for they work best when they’re left to work with their minds alone. Another way to settle this problem is by having a team dedicated to maintaining overall cleanliness and sanitation.

In other words, treating your employees as mere materials you can buy in exchange for a specific purpose wouldn’t be sustainable. The key to your workers’ productivity doesn’t just revolve around salaries but also includes making them feel cared for. Yes, healthy and happy subordinates are just the recipe for a successful take-off.

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