First Look: Kozy Korean-Influenced Fine Dining in West Perth


Earlier this week I was invited to an early preview of new Korean-inspired fine-dining restaurant Kozy that will operate at night from Cherry & Grapes in West Perth. The menu is still in development, but if you’re a fan of complex, elevated seafood dishes and Korean flavours, I expect you’ll be a happy diner.

It’s still a few months from opening, but the work-in-progress shows great potential. Stay tuned for more on this one, and follow their Instagram atΒ @kozyperth

See a selection of dishes below, on some very expensive plates…

  • Gotgam monaka – pine nut, chestnut, gotgam, sancho
  • Chawanmushi – scallop, shitake mushroom, bisque, ikura
  • Consomme veil burrata – grapes, tomato, dashima, evo
  • Charred wagyu M8+ – koji, aubergine, asparagus, manchego
  • Salted foam tonka – oat, caramelised milk, blood orange, yuzu evo, cacao nibs
  • Squid spaghetti – cucumber, shichimi, shiso
  • Ocean Reel – cod, mugwort, soy milk, Jerusalem artichoke, kumquat-cosho
  • Bagna Cauda Octopus – celeriac, octo dashi

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