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Roll up! Roll up! It’s time for a real show. As a city, Melbourne has an incredible amount to offer people visiting its streets. From the food, drinks, and nightlife, to the beautiful weather and gorgeous beaches, it’s almost impossible to ignore. Known as the Europe of Australia, you’ll find a lot more than just parties here. Of course, though, what is the best entertainment this offer? It’s not the music, theatre, or comedy acts. Instead, it’s the magic. To help you on your own experience of the magic in Melbourne, this post will be going through three of the most popular acts you’ll find.

Intriguing Illusions

Being baffled by something you can’t make sense of is a great way to give yourself a memorable experience. Through the use of clever lighting, well-placed mirrors, and loads of secrets, groups like Illusionaire will give you a night to truly remember. Known for their comedic acts and incredible illusions, this group is good for all members of the family. Along with this, they also have regular shows, making it easy to get there, and their tickets are reasonably priced. All-in-all, this package will see you enjoying a night of great food, amazing magic, and loads of stories to tell the friends.

Masterful Mind Reading

Sometimes, seeing something that looks impossible isn’t enough, and you might want the chance to experience something truly mind-blowing. Everyone knows that it isn’t possible for someone to read their mind. Your brain doesn’t send singles beyond itself, and the data it stores can only be read by you. Of course, though, magicians like Luke Hocking can alter your perceptions surrounding this area. In his Impossible Occurrences show, Hocking performs a huge array of magic, illusion, and mind-reading stunts for his audience. His performances are much friendlier than others, as he usually stays amongst the crowd, rather than on a stage.

A Crafty Con Man

Finally, it’s time to think about the kind of magic trick which could actually get you into trouble. Expert con man Nicholas Johnson has decades of experience under his belt, giving him an edge against the others in his field. Relying on sleight of hand, mind games, and a lot of patience, Johnson is able to get what he wants, whenever he wants. Rather than simply perform his tricks, though, he also likes to expose them for what they are. Along with being a performer, Johnson is also a celebrated author and public speaker. This gives him the ability to captivate his crowd with marvelous tricks, while also giving them a lesson about the not-so-magic. You won’t find a similar experience anywhere else.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of what can be done when you’re looking for things to do in Melbourne. Of course, this city has a lot more to offer than just magic. A lot of its attractions are strongly cultured, and its history is very varied and rich. The only way to truly enjoy this beautiful place is to go, though. So, you better get booking some tickets and packing your bags.