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Sav's Kebab Recipe to Riches

Sav's Kebab Recipe to Riches

So here we have the winner of Recipe to Riches Week 5, a pre-cooked lamb kebab. Hmm. It’s been a bit of a disappointing season so far, although the two products I’ve most wanted to try (pork, apple & cinnamon sausages and sage & macadamia sausage rolls) were out of stock before my shopping arrived.

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Taking the easy route, I shoved it in the microwave for the prescribed down and it came out like this. Hot and slimy – what is that? Fearing the lack of use-by date on the packaging, I bravely soldiered on, slapping the inclused tzatziki sauce and some coleslaw on it. Surprisingly, it didn’t taste too bad…but one was enough.

The judges really seemed to love this, but surely Australia can do better.

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