Fast Foods of the World: Walkers Crisps “Clash of the Comics”

Walkers Crisps "Clash of the Comics"
I moved to Australia from England at the age of 8 – nearly 30 years ago – but one thing I never stopped missing is English crisps. Not only are Australian crisps texturally dull, we don’t get much variety in terms of flavours – salted, cheese & onion, salt & vinegar, “chicken”, barbecue – does anyone actually know what a barbecue tastes like? – and variants thereof. As I’ve mentioned here before, Australia’s relatively small population means that we don’t get as great a variety of consumer goods as some countries.

Over the years the importing of English crisps (and other essentials, such as Marmite and Pot Noodle) has become more common. To this day, specialty English food shops lay in wait with bare shelves until the containers arrive and carry stock for as long as it takes for those in the know to get there and strip the place clean. Crisps just out of date? Not your favourite flavour? Who cares! There are nothing – and I mean absolutely nothing – like Hula Hoops, Monster Munch or KP Skips available here. Try describing one of those to the average Australian.

Just to rub it in, Walkers have announced four new crisp flavours which have been developed with the aim of raising one million pounds for Red Nose Day, and are being promoted by four top comedians in a “Clash of the Comics”. Walkers are donating 5p from every bag, so that means twenty million bags! The flavours are:

I like the sound of the Jimmy con Carrne, but right now I’d be happy with an out of date packet of Marmite Walkers.

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