Fast Food Review: Macca’s Rump Steak & Egg Brekkie Wrap

rump steak range

Today I’m looking to see what delights / horrors Macca’s have brought us in the form of their new rump steak items. On offer there are two day-time wraps that are basically the same with salad, fried onions and a choice of either garlic aioli or barbecue sauce (what, no cheese?), and a salad with “Thai-style” dressing (does anyone REALLY go to Macca’s for a salad?). There’s also a $3 “mini steak taster” if you’re desperate to find out how the steak is, but aren’t man (or rich) enough to commit to a whole wrap – it has the garlic aioli and loses the tomato.


Assuming the key ingredient is the same in all, I decided to try the one breakfast item – the steak & egg brekkie wrap, which is described as “tender 100% Aussie Rump Steak marinated, slow cooked and grilled to perfection. Bacon, scrambled eggs, grilled onion and BBQ sauce, all in a steamed tortilla.” Mmm, sounds like…disappointment.

Steak wrap

Nice promo picture, so how does it look in real life? Quite big, actually. I wasn’t expecting it to be this solid. The sizeable chunk of steak poking out of the end conjured up some odd comparisons, but let’s not go there.

Steak wrap

There was quite a lot going on inside the wrap, including a decent amount of steak, although perhaps some more egg at breakfast would be appropriate. I really didn’t like the onions – who eats fried onions at breakfast??


This is the first steak I’ve eaten in a few months, and as such I was expecting to be the best tasting steak ever. Of course it wasn’t, but I was still pleasantly surprised, mainly because it tasted of something and wasn’t tough. It was definitely marinated, although in what remains a mystery because the barbecue sauce was quite strong and overpowering. At first it reminded me of the steak you get from Subway, but on closer inspection this stuff actually LOOKS like steak.

popupAs an interesting part of this promotion, Macca’s have built a pop-up restaurant called “The Big Lunch Box” that is travelling the country and handing out free taster wraps – that can’t be a cheap exercise. Apart from the Gold Coast, the dates are all on weekdays which is annoying, but I guess they don’t want to give away a gazillion of these things to the average man on the street, who will eat anything if it’s free.

So based on the brekkie wrap, it seems that the steak offerings are better than many of Macca’s recent limited editions – the only thing is, if I want to eat steak I would never go to Macca’s, so I’m not really sure how successful these will be. Why not grab a free one and let me know what you think?

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