Fast Food Review: Macca’s “M Selections” Chicken Schnitzel Rolls

M Selections

As promised, here is a review of the new Macca’s “M Selections” chicken schnitzel rolls (no, these are not burgers!) Promising “oh-so-tender golden chicken schnitzel coated with light, crispy crumbs” these are something a little different for McDonalds, and come in two variants – one with Citrus Mayo and the other with BBQ sauce and Swiss cheese.

M Selections

The whole “M Selections” range comes in special black packaging. “A little bit fancy” indeed. The immediate observation when you pick up these rolls is that they are quite heavy, especially for something from McDonalds.

Chicken Schnitzel Citrus Mayo Here we have the inner workings of the Citrus Mayo version. The size of the schnitzel is interesting as it doesn’t fit the bread at all, and looks like it doesn’t come in a pre-sized slab of frozen meat like the McRib. The schnitzel was a little dry, like a frozen Ingham’s one that you bung in the oven and forget about until you smell something burning. It’s nowhere near as greasy as a dodgy bacon & cheese schnitzel you might buy from a service station, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. Carrot is definitely a bit fancy for something from Macca’s, unfortunately the mayo doesn’t taste of much at all.

I found the whole thing a bit of a dull eat, and the bread is very dense so it’s quite hard going. You won’t be hankering for a cheeseburger to fill the gap afterwards, however.

Chicken Schnitzel BBQ

So here’s the other version with BBQ sauce and Swiss cheese. Erm…where’s my cheese? Cut the crappy salad out and throw in some bacon and cheese, that’s about the only thing that can save this from total mediocrity. The BBQ sauce smells stronger than it tastes, and I found myself marginally preferring this to the Citrus Mayo version, despite the lack of cheese.

All in all not a bad effort, although I won’t be going back for seconds. The main thing they’ve got going for them is that they fill you up.

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  • Lol, good review. I was looking over the pictures on the McDonalds website, & trying to imagine how these new burgers would “really” look. The reality is that these look like shit. Needless to say I think I’ll just stick with a grand angus for my McDs fix.

  • You missed the cheese? You were lucky. The “Swiss” cheese we had today was more like “mould” cheese. And not in a good way. Totally inedible and vomit inducing. Maybe it was just a bad batch or the ester they use to create “Swiss” flavour had mutated.

  • Just had it then and it definetly did not look anything like the picture. The bun was very chewy and tough and the snitzel was quite hard. Would not get another one again.

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