Fast Food Review: Macca’s goes to the World Cup


It’s been a while since we had a truly original limited-time-offering at Macca’s; they’ve been flogging the “M Selections” and chicken schnitzel burgers to death for some time now. Anyway, it’s nearly time for the soccer World Cup in Rio, and McDonald’s is rolling out a range of promotions in a sponsorship deal worth over $25 million globally. The first round of new items has already hit Macca’s down under, and will be with us in one form or another until July 15.

Spain Wrap

Starting with breakfast, we have one of the most intriguing items, the Spain Wrap (no, not a train wreck) with two chorizo sausages, scrambled egg and spicy tomato sauce. I’m only going to say this once, but I don’t like the naming convention – shouldn’t this be called the Spanish Wrap, or does that open them up to false advertising..? Anyway, I thought this looked a little odd in the promo photo, like two stumpy legs poking out from under a sea of yello foam…but that’s not too far off how it actually looked.

Spain wrap

The sausages were rather firm but actually had some flavour as did the sauce, which tasted more of capsicum than tomato. The eggs were pretty rough, but what do you expect in a Macca’s wrap? On the whole this wasn’t too bad, but definitely a case of flavour over texture. I’d eat another one if you forced me 😉

Brazil Burger

Onto the Brazil burger, with its custom “tender beef mixed with sweet corn, red kidney beans and capsicum” patty, “tangy tomato sauce” and “crispy salad”. And of course there’s the bun, rather neatly designed to look like a soccer ball (or The Thing, if you ask The Food Pornographer…)

Brazil Burger

This burger was surprisingly nice, and didn’t taste like anything else I’ve had from Macca’s. As you can see, there were plenty of the vegetables in the patty, and grated carrot makes a nice change – my only complaint would be way too much sauce, but I guess that’s a case of operator error. I really liked the bun – soft, sweet and chewy. I can see why this burger has been picked to run the whole length of the promotion.

Australia burger

The Australia Burger (crispy chicken, chili-lime sauce, Buffalo sauce, lettuce and soccer ball bun) is available from May 21 to June 10. This is a little boring, Macca’s already have a gazillion chicken burgers on the menu – surely they could have knocked out a McRib variant?

Australia Burger

Once again, there was WAY too much sauce. I could actually taste the lime, but didn’t like it much. As for the “buffalo” sauce, it’s not spicy, it doesn’t taste of blue cheese and it certainly doesn’t taste of pork. It’s “ranch” I guess, and I didn’t like it much either. Nice bun, though.

Italy McFlurry

Over to dessert and we have the Italy McFlurry, featuring Oreos (are they Italian?) and coffee syrup.  Actually, I didn’t have one because the ice cream machine “wasn’t clean” – very classy. Molto bene my ass.

England Pie

But no problem, I’ve got the England pie – filled with apple, berries and custard – to look forward to. Oh, I don’t have this either BECAUSE YOU FORGOT TO PUT IT IN THE BAG YOU MORONS. HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO PUT THREE THINGS IN A BAG??? Oh well, I’m probably better off keeping the roof of my mouth anyway.

rio sprite

There’s also a Rio frozen Sprite, with green apple and pineapple “flavours”. Hmm.

Still to come we have the Argentina Burger (two quarter-pound patties, salsa, onion, pickles and two slices of cheese – that’s going to be a mouthful, I’m not sure what that says about Argentina…) from June 10 until July 1 and the France Burger with a crispy chicken patty, mustard sauce and lettuce from July 2 to 15. Stay tuned for the verdict on these, and of course the elusive desserts.


If you happen to be in Brazil for the World Cup, Burger Business reports that they have seven limited burgers to choose from!

  • McBrasil: Two Angus patties, Emmenthal cheese, tomato, vinaigrette and mayo
  • McAlemanha (McGermany): A McRib-like pork patty, lettuce, pepper cheese, pickles, red onion and German mustard sauce
  • McItalia: A meatloaf patty, pepperoni, grated cheese and tomato sauce with a special basil bun
  • McArgentina: Two Angus beef patties, Cheddar cheese, chimichurri sauce, bacon, lettuce, tomato
  • McEUA (USA): Two Angus patties, barbecue sauce, bacon, mixed greens, pickles, crispy onions
  • McEspanha (Spain): Crispy chicken, capicola, olive mayo, lettuce, tomato, pimento cheese
  • McFranza: Crispy chicken, Emmenthal cheese, tomato, mixed greens, grated cheese and herbed cream cheese.

FriesBurger Business also reports that McDonald’s is rolling out new French-fry packaging in 119 different markets from May 26, decorated with World Cup-themed artwork commissioned from 12 artists around the world – including one from Fremantle. There’s also an augmented reality app to go with them…

Click here for a look at Japan’s 14-item World Cup menu, which includes nuggets with Italian basil cheese and German curry sauce (presumably not together), deep fried Italian risotto balls (in tomato and squid ink flavours) and a French chicken cordon bleu burger.


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  • The Australia Burger (crispy chicken, chili-lime sauce, Buffalo sauce, lettuce and soccer ball bun)… This sounds more Tex-Mex than Aussie to me…. I get we can’t always roll out the beetroot and lamb and call it Australian, but still.

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