Fast Food Review: KFC’s “The Mighty” Burger

KFC The Mighty

KFC’s recent nacho disaster disappeared from the menu boards rather rapidly – not a moment too soon, if you ask me. In its place we get the awkwardly named “The Mighty” burger, which appears to be a  bacon & cheese Zinger on steroids – add a bigger bun, red onion, oozing “bbq” sauce  and an “extra-large Zinger thigh and drum fillet”. The bacon & cheese Zinger just happens to be my favourite KFC item so “The Mighty” has a lot to live up to…

KFC The Mighty

First appearances – that’s “The Mighty” on the left, bacon & cheese Zinger on the right. Yes, it’s bigger. But it’s also flatter.

KFC The Mighty

Flip the lid and – flood of bbq sauce aside –  the chicken fillet covers more area, but it’s definitely thinner. It also doesn’t quite cover the bun (but then again, the Zinger fails miserably here too). Unfortunately my burger didn’t come with any red onion, which is a shame as it’s one of the main points of difference. Why is it so hard to get these things right??

The “thigh and drum” fillet is definitely different – darker meat and juicier than the breast fillet, but oddly enough I didn’t think it had as much flavour. The bun was certainly soft, although I prefer the sweet Zinger bun so no points there. There wasn’t any extra bacon or cheese, and combined with the ridiculous amount of mayo & barbecue sauce I found it all rather underwhelming. If you trust the nutritional info on the KFC site, the Zinger weighs 208g compared to “The Mighty” at 287g, which is a fair difference on paper although it just didn’t seem that much bigger to me.

Maybe the lack of onions was to blame, but “The Mighty” Burger just came across as a poor imitation of it’s older, slightly smaller brother.  Next!

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  • KFC may be OK very occasionally, but you can make a better chicken burger at home.

    If you drown everything in Sriracha sauce it improves considerably, especially the chicken. You have to drown it in the sauce though.

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