Fast food review: KFC Zinger Tacos & Salted Caramel Krusher

KFC Zinger Tacos

KFC Zinger TacosMacca’s and Hungry Jacks are letting the side down when it comes to limited-time-offerings at the moment, so our only hope is for KFC to roll out another inspired / dubious creation.

KFC’s history with Mexican isn’t great – the horrific Nacho Box sticks in the memory as badly as it stuck in the throat – but they’ve gone with the interesting looking Double Shell Zinger Tacos with a Zinger fillet, “supercharged” sauce, lettuce, tomato salsa and salsa sauce in a double shell taco.

Now I’m not a big fan of tacos – I really don’t see the point of something that self-destructs and loses all structural integrity after the first bite – so this is going to have to work hard to impress me.KFC Zinger TacosSexy box, and only $6.95 for two tacos. Good start.

KFC Zinger Tacos…and here’s what’s inside the box.

There’s no real surprises when it comes to the filling – a Zinger fillet, lettuce, tomato salsa and salsa sauce. The salsa sauce is quite strong, like out of a supermarket jar but it’s not overly offensive. Where this taco gets interesting is the double shell, a taco shell inside a soft tortilla to hold everything together. Clever!

There’s a decent quantity of KFC’s “supercharged” sauce in between the shells, and it works well in this context. The sauce is creamy with a reasonable kick but isn’t too thick, so adds taste (and glue) without being over the top.

KFC Zinger TacosI really liked the double shell, my only complaint being that the taco isn’t super-crisp and tastes a little stale on its own – but the texture of the shell & tortilla together with the sauce was a surprisingly nice combination. What this thing really needs is cheese – in fact, replace the salsa & salsa sauce with cheeseΒ  and I’d be happy.

As a KFC item – and a limited-time one – this is a decent effort without any major flaws. When it comes to Mexican takeaway, however, there are much better options available (and I’m not talking Taco Bell). I really like Zambrero – who also have a dual shell option, the “Dos Capas” – and if you live in Perth I can recommend El Mexicano in Joondalup and Armadale.

KFC Salted Caramel KrusherAlso added to the menu is a Salted Caramel Krusher (milkshake with bits) for $3.95. Caramel is my favourite flavour of shake, and although neither the caramel or salt was particularly strong, you don’t always want heavy sweet flavours smacking you in the face and I found this to be quite a pleasant drink.

The biscuit-y crumbs floating inside make a nice change, and somehow stay distributed through the drink without going soggy, even after some time. It’s probably best not to think about how they do that.

Good job all round, KFC.


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