Fast Food Review: KFC Parmy Stacker & Choc-Orange Krusher

parmy2KFC Australia’s latest “limited time only” burger is a take on the great Aussie “Parmy”, and includes chicken schnitzel patties, “parmagiana” sauce and cheese on an oatmeal bun. Available with one or two schnitzel patties, the double “stacker” variant costs a hefty $8.95 for the burger alone, and includes over a third of the average adult daily energy intake. Wow.


So is it worth the impact on your wallet and body? Unfortunately not. There’s not a lot going on in the taste department – the schnitzel patties and cheese are quite bland, and the sauce looked like chilli relish but minus the flavour. And it’s probably a personal thing, but I really don’t like lettuce with non-mayo based sauces (but I’ve never had the courage to order a meatball-with-no-salad at SubwayΒ for fear of making a “sandwich artist” cry). The oatmeal bun seems like a weak attempt to make this thing appear partially healthy, but I just found it spongey.

One thing in its favour is that this burger is seriously solid, and I think a lot of people (myself included) would struggle to get through it.Β It’s not a totally bad effort, but you can probably do better at your local lunch bar for similar or less money. Or maybe double the money and get a “real” parmy with chips and salad somewhere else.


I’m not a huge fan of KFC’s Krushers – or any ice / milk / frappe / combo drink for that matter – because I don’t enjoy brain freeze. Unfortunately my inability to resist anything choc-orange overrides this, so I had to try this limited edition variety.

I was pleasantly surprised; the orange taste was quite prominent, and the added chocolatey-biscuity-crumb flavour / texture made it an enjoyable drink – once it had melted. I’m not sure what they crushed to make this, but good job, KFC.Β Now all I need is for orange milkshakes to go mainstream.

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  • I agree the Parmy Burger was not great. I had 2 bites & just could not eat anymore. The chicken had a different breading with none of the 11 herbs & spices. No taste & it was soggy to boot.

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