Fast food review: KFC Fold-Its

KFC Fold-its

KFC Fold-itsHmm, it’s time for another KFC limited time offering – the awkwardly named “Fold-its”. There are two varieties: “Succulent Original Recipe Fillet, fresh mixed salad, diced tomato and pepper mayo” and “Succulent Zinger Fillet, fresh crunchy salad, taco seasoned tomato and sour cream mayo”, both wrapped in “soft fluffy flatbread”.

“Succulent” and “fluffy” aren’t two words that usually spring to mind with your average takeaway, so let’s see what the reality is…

KFC Fold-itsAt least they went to the effort to print some custom paper.

KFC Fold-itsPredictably, I went for the Zinger version. It looked a bit rough when it was unwrapped, but was reasonably easy to adjust into a more even shape – the contents are still too big for the bread, however, which you would think they could avoid at the design stage. The custom thinner-than-a-burger “fillet” had clearly been cut, presumably in half.

I didn’t find the chicken as spicy as a normal Zinger, although maybe I was just imagining that. The salad etc was standard KFC issue, and I really don’t like the smell of their taco “seasoning” (or maybe it’s just the tomato). So the Fold-Its are all about the bread, which I found to be surprisingly pleasant – I wouldn’t have chosen the word “fluffy” but it was most definitely “soft”. It reminded me of a supermarket naan, and was actually quite nice.

If flat bread is your thing then the KFC Fold-Its are worth trying – other than that, they don’t bring anything new to the table.

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