Fast Food News Roundup, November 2014


Wow, there’s so much happening out there – Christmas must be coming! Now where to start…

Double Down

Given the level of activity overseas, it’s surprising that there’s not much going on down here in Oz. Macca’s seem to be making the most of their investment in steak, and KFC have their new double-down variant. Apart from that…have I missed anything?


Let’s head straight for the crazy with Burger King Japan’s “Berry Kristmush” promotion – I bet whoever came up with that thought it was really funny. We have the horribly named “Mush’n’cheese” burger with chopped mushrooms (or maybe it’s just mush) and the “Premium Berry” burger with cranberries. I’m not sure what the yellow liquid is, but it seems to have corn floating in it (via Burger Business).


Wow, you can also get turkey from BK Japan. Mmm, that looks moist…

Four Cheese Whopper

Still at Burger King, but this time in the USA, we have the dubious “Four Cheese Whopper”. Coming from the land where cheese goes to die, I imagine this to be a horribly artificial, sloppy mess (via Brand Eating).


Continuing our Burger King frenzy, we had to Canada for poutine topped with chopped burger, mustard, ketchup and pickles. I’m not sure about this, although you can also get it with bacon. (via Brand Eating)


…and lastly we head to the UK for a quick “Euro Trip” in the form of three burgers inspired by Italy, Spain and Amsterdam – the “Amsterdam Steakhouse” looks particularly good to me (via Brand Eating).


It’s Green Lantern’s turn for the superhero-burger-crossover treatment at McDonald’s Hong Kong, with this uninspiringly-named creation. It looks tasty, but that depends on what’s in the sauce.


It would seem that someone doesn’t like The Flash, however. I’d complain if that was me.


You can’t get fries at KFC in the USA, but you can get green beans, or even this bowl of random stuff. That sauce looks rather suspicious, I’d be checking the security cameras before digging in (via FoodBeast).

Pizza Hut New Zealand

Time for pizza, and Pizza Hut New Zealand have introduced a range of  Mexican-inspired pizzas, including the “Quesadilla” with crusts top and bottom, the “Burrito” with beans, onions, red capsicum, jalapenos, tomatoes, burrito sauce, chilli flakes & mozzarella and the “Ultimate Mexican with Nachos”, which adds tortilla chips to the “Burrito”. Perhaps more interestingly, they also serve chips and onion rings (via FoodBeast).


If you’re in India and almost-but-not-really feel like pizza, why not try a Subwich from Dominos? The crust triangles are the same size as a slice of pizza. Available in “veg” and “non veg” varieties, these don’t look or sound very appetising – I don’t think I want anything “smeared” on my pizza, thank you.

Pizza Hut USA

Pizza Hut in the USA is launching a completely overhauled menu this week with ten new crust flavours (including a curry one), toppings and sauces (honey Sriracha!). There’s way too much to list here – see here or this article from Brand Eating if you’d like some more detailed info.

Oreo Churros

It wouldn’t be a fast food roundup without a new variety of Oreo, and these yummy looking Oreo Churros feature a “crispy exterior, warm soft interior and Oreo cookie pieces in every bite” for a “just-baked Oreo cookie taste” (via Brand Eating).


You can now by Twix by the yard – that’s just over 90cm! There’s the equivalent of 18 twin bar packs in one of these (via That’s Nerdalicious)


Finally, something that might turn me into a Coke drinker! Unless I visit Japan I’ll probably never get the chance to try it, although it apparently tastes like Coke and Fanta mixed together (via FoodBeast).


While we’re on the subject of soft drinks, unfortunately this isn’t a joke – it’s Mountain Dew, flavoured with Doritos. I know they need to test new flavours, but seriously…? (via FoodBeast)


We’ll end today’s roundup with some more Doritos, this time in a slightly more traditional form from Japan. These Doritos are green, shaped like Christmas trees, and taste like soup… (via Brand Eating)

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