Fast food news roundup, July 2015

Fast food news

Wow, it’s been a very long time since I did a fast food news roundup…now where do I start? Looks like the creative boffins at KFC have been very busy…

KFC Zinger TacosLocally, it’s been all about KFC double-shell Zinger Tacos (which I found to be surprisingly decent), meat-pie pizzas and the spread of Create Your Taste across the nation. Even more exciting was the recent news that Macca’s is trialling all day breakfasts in several Eastern-states restaurants – fingers crossed it’s adopted nation-wide.

Fast food newsRed Rooster has just launched the second batch of new winter menu items, quite oddly featuring lamb. I’m curious…stay tuned.

Burger KingAre you partial to a ham and cheese croissant for breakfast? Well that’s for weaklings – I’ll have one of these Burger King beasts please. The Fully Loaded Croissan’wich features black forest ham, a sausage patty, thick cut naturally smoked bacon, fluffy eggs, and two slices of American cheese on a toasted croissant (via The Impulsive Buy)

Burger KingStick around at Burger King for lunch and try some teriyaki chicken – actually, it’s just a plain chicken burger with teriyaki-style sauce. Not very exciting. (via Brand Eating)

Burger KingSlightly more interesting from Burger King is the Red Velvet Oreo Shake, although I’m not sure about the “red cream cheese and chocolate-flavored shake”, which is blended with Oreo cookie crumbles.

Fast food newsSpeaking of red things, Burger King in Japan have turned the charcoal bun theme on its head with these “Samurai” creations that feature a red bun, sauce and cheese. The colouring is achieved with tomato powder and the sauce is chilli based. Not sure about these… (via Brand Eating)

Fast food newsLet’s see what else there is from BK Japan…um…why is the salted caramel & pear pie BLACK?

onion ringsKFC Canada is selling original recipe onion rings as part of its 60th anniversary celebrations. Why has no-one done this before, and where are mine?? Imagine these in hot & spicy… (via Brand Eating)

KFC Hong KongChicken and pizza. Not one of my favourite combos, but it gets truly weird in Hong Kong where KFC has introduced “Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken”, which is brushed with pizza sauce and sprinkled with a blend of melted mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Those…mushrooms?… don’t look very appealing. (via Brand Eating)

Looks like one country read the memo wrong, because KFC in the Phillipines have introduced the “Chizza”. The video says more than my words ever could.

Fast food newsThey actually have some interesting things on the KFC Phillipines menu – including a waffle buffet! – but this doesn’t look satisfying or filling. Unique, quite possibly.

KFC New ZealandContinuing the same-but-different angle from KFC we head to New Zealand for these “world first” Double Downs. I dare you to eat all three.

Fast food newsReturning to some normality, McDonald’s is testing a pulled pork burger in Indiana (via Burger Business)

Carl's JuniorSick of burgers with no filling? Try the Most American Thickburger, comes topped with a split hot dog and kettle-cooked potato chips (via Brand Eating)

Burger King PeruThe hot-dog-in-a-burger thing obviously appeals to Peru – this one’s from Burger King and includes mustard, mayo and potato sticks! (via Brand Eating)

KFC South AfricaWhile we’re on crunchy (and not forgetting that you can add Doritos to a Create Your Taste burger), KFC South Africa has a Doritos Crunch Burger with sweet chilli Doritos and spicy cheese sauce layered onto a crunchy mini fillet with a slice of cheese and lettuce.

Burger King SingaporeMcDonald’s Singapore is “turning up the heat” in a recent promotion, which actually looks rather tasty.

OreosEnding with dessert, and of course there are new Oreos – these key lime pie ones with a graham cracker crust look quite interesting (via FoodBeast)


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