Fast food news roundup, 19 January 2014

There’s so much going on in the crazy world of (fast) food at the moment, it’s time for a good old news roundup…


The Australian summer burger promotions have been rather uninspiring this year (what’s new) with Macca’s once again rolling out the tired but (apparently) popular McOz in “normal” and Angus forms, while Hungry Jacks is fighting beetroot with pineapple in the form of its tropical Chicken Tendercrisp and Whopper (didn’t this used to be called a Malibu Whopper??) They’ve also thrown in waffle fries, mango flavoured desserts and ludicrously cheap ($1) Frozen Ice…er…Coke to complete the celebration. Hold me back.


At least Macca’s goes to the trouble of updating its website, Hungry Jacks just posts its promotions on Facebook where they collect hundreds of rude and derogatory comments. Looking at this Tropical Whopper that I tried, I can understand why. How do they manage that, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pineapple that small? A lot of the negative Facebook comments about this promotion seem to relate to the fake Mango syrup; I tried the shake and found it quite pleasant, although I think describing it as mango is a bit of a stretch. At least it’s almost the right colour. My waffle fries were stone cold and very chewy, and I’ve also heard that complaint from others.


It goes without saying that we need this in Australia NOW. Why would you need this in the USA where it’s so cold? (Carvel ice cream via Brand Eating)


A little lower on he urgency list are these Ferrero inspired items from McDonald’s Hong Kong. Available in hot or iced forms, the white chocolate coffee features white chocolate and coconut, and the golden nutty mocha features hazelnut. There’s also a 7-layer coffee chocolate cake, and all items come with a matching Ferrero chocolate (via Brand Eating)


A quick trip to the McDonald’s Hong Kong website reveals something even more interesting. This Prosperity Burger looks suspiciously like a McRib, but is available in pork, beef and chicken! One of each please, and I’ll try the twister fries as well…


Time Magazine interviewed a panel of burger experts and historians (where can I apply?) to compile a list of the seventeen most “influential” burgers of all time. Number one on the list was the White Castle Slider, although the most interesting entry for me was the inclusion of Krusty Burger! I’m surprised there’s no Big Mac, but I guess that’s why I didn’t get the job. Check out the full list here (via Serious Eats).


Over to India and Dunkin’ Donuts has released these rather curious “Tough Guy” burgers, with the tag line “Get Your Mojo Back”. Fiery mustard sauce aside, I can’t imagine an Australian “tough guy” burger containing anything yam-related, and the only thing “rough” about the salad would be the way it’s thrown onto the burger from a distance by the kid making it. These burgers are part of a larger “Mojo Givers” menu that also includes a corn and cheese burger, a mutton burger with “Tex Mex Mayo sauce”, and two chocolate donuts named the “Alive by Chocolate” and “Death by Chocolate”. Mmm, mutton… (via Brand Eating).


Also in India, Taco Bell is offering the new “Double Crunch Wrap”. This Chipotle Veg version includes two layers of cheese, chipotle seasoning, soy protein (sounds tasty), red and green peppers, baby corn, coriander, onions and a third layer of lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. This looks so fake it’s not funny, it looks like a model of some kind of futuristic office building (via Brand Eating).


Over to Japan, and Kotaku reports that the world’s first Kit Kat store is opening in Tokyo this month. Along with the wide range of unusual Kit Kat flavours already available in Japan (see above!), the KitKat store will be offering specialist flavours including green tea and chilli cream.


I’m not a Nutella fan, but I can understand why this would exciting to some people (via FoodBeast). In other news, reports that Hershey’s is partnering with a company called 3D systems to develop a 3D printer that can print chocolate goodies! You could have all sorts of fun at home with that…


On the other hand, I’m quite partial to an Oreo or two. These limited edition lemon biscuits look interesting, although the rather clinical description of “natural flavor with other natural flavor” turns me off a little (via That’s Nerdalicious).


…and finally, for the cook who has everything we have the vagina toaster. Check out some of the Amazon reviews here, for lots of talk about hot butter and roast beef sandwiches (via FoodBeast). And yes, there is a penis version.

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Martin was born in England but now lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has a passion for breakfast, coffee, hot curries & fast food, and is a cat & Dalek person.


  • I wonderede what the waffle fries would be like so I’m glad I havene’t bothered. Good idea in theory but is seems from what you and others say, it can’t be carried off. As for the mint cone, I’d be up for it. They should introduce it for St Patrick’s Day! Yam related…. ha ha ha ha

  • What about the poorly promoted Mac & Cheese Squares @ Maccas at the moment. I tried them….. then wished I hadn’t. They were pretty awful!!!

    The new Aussie v English Burgers @ KFC look good but I’ve not tried one yet.

    That Mint Softserve looks the bombdiggetty!

  • While you’re talking about Ellenbrook. Lets mention pizza places.

    The nameless place in the main shopping centre: The uglyest, lightest, skinnyest $15 pizza I’ve ever seen.
    My radical suggestion if you shop there…. give them a $3 deposit.
    If you don’t like the look of your pizza when it comes out….. tell them to keep it… and your 3 bucks.
    Then go to Hungry Jacks and spend the 12 bucks you’ve saved!

  • I went there once on a weeknight, and there seemed to be a hardcore cleaning exercise going on, as if they were trying to remove some kind of evidence. The manager screaming “I can’t find my bucket” from out the back didn’t help.

    It wasn’t the worst pizza I’ve ever had, but I won’t be going back. It’s a shame that Joker’s closed, there’s nowhere to get a decent pizza in Ellenbrook now.

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