Fast food news roundup: 14 March 2014

So what’s happening in the world of fast food at the moment? Regular readers would have seen my recent reviews of the dreary McDonald’s Chicken Schnitzel Rolls and horrendous KFC Nacho Box, but there’s also been quite a bit of activity overseas.

Pizza Hut Cheeseburger Crust

Starting at home, this Cheeseburger Crust monstrosity is now available from Pizza Hut Australia, but it’s hardly a new invention. Unfortunately (or perhaps luckily) I don’t live near a Pizza Hut so I haven’t tried it. I notice this excludes the ACT, so you won’t see any of these being passed around at Question Time.

CheeZee Marmite Crust

Close to home, and still at Pizza Hut, Brand Eating brings news of the CheeZee Marmite Stuffed Crust from New Zealand. I’m guessing this is the same as Australian Marmite, which I think is absolutely disgusting – about as far from real (English) Marmite as you can get.

KFC China

Also from Brand Eating we have this breakfast creation from KFC China, the Egg Pancake Wrap. Available in two varieties, there’s the rather obscene looking Fried Breadstick Egg Pancake Wrap (Chinese-style airy, fried breadstick (!?!), shredded dried pork and hoisin sauce) and the Smoked Chicken Egg Pancake Wrap (sliced smoked chicken sausage, lettuce and mayo).

KFC Big Boss

Burger Business brings us news of this awesome creation from KFC Canada, the Big Boss Burger. Yes, it’s a Big Mac with KFC chicken fillets – it even has pickles, onions, cheese and a “special signature sauce”. Good luck getting that in your gob. Hmm, their coleslaw doesn’t look very nice.

KFC Tokyo

Continuing the KFC theme, we have news from Foodbeast that a new “Adult Kentucky Fried Chicken” is soon to open in Tokyo. This restaurant will serve a selection of beers and a limited dinner menu with fried chicken (of course) and five different types of pasta, such as “served with gizzards and confit-hearts softness of staple grains taste chicken”, according to the translation of this news article. Hmm.

subway japan

Still in Japan and Brand Eating reports on two new subs from Subway. First we have Meatloaf, which contains a blend of red capsicum, green soybeans, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and arrowhead, whatever that is. Oh, it also comes with a demi-glace and cheese sauce. If that doesn’t sound horrible enough for you, there’s the Prosciutto & Anchovy Potato sub which features slices of prosciutto layered with anchovy potato salad. Yuck.

Kit Kat JapanSo what’s for dessert? How about these “Delicious When Baked Pudding Flavored Kit Kats” from the world’s only Kit Kat boutique in Japan. I’m not quite sure what the deal is here, check out this article for more info and a video, which may or may not ease your confusion.

Chips Ahoy

Here’s one of my favourite cookies mixed with my favourite ice-cream flavour, one of four new varieties of Chips Ahoy – there’s also Root Beer Float, Mocha and Dulce De Leche. I doubt I’ll ever have the pleasure of trying these – see here for graphic closeups.

Dunkin Donuts

It’s nearly St Patrick’s Day, and it looks like the US chains go a little crazy for it. If only we could get the Shamrock Shake here I’d be a happy man, although I’d settle for one of these rather nice looking Mint Oreo donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts

Green bagels

…or how about a Green bagel? They look like something from the Hulk’s nose. Crazy stuff.

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