Fast food news roundup: 12 April 2014

There’s been a lot happening around the world, and a news roundup is long overdue. So where to begin…

Carl's Jr

The only Australian news worth reporting is the impending Australian arrival of USA chain Carl’s Jr, which has been operating in New Zealand since 2011. Australian operations will begin with a store on the central NSW coast, of all places. Bring it on.

mcmuffin deal

Why is this deal not available in WA? What have we done to deserve this treatment? That’s okay Macca’s, don’t worry about sparing our feelings by hiding it in the small print *weep*.


Brand Eating brings news of a McDonald’s Germany promotion that I wouldn’t be able to resist – Curry Beef & Chicken Burgers. These are pretty simple – just a patty with raw onions and sauce on a standard bun – but I find that curry sauce improves most things so they sound good to me.


Continuing the spicy theme at Macca’s we head over to Singapore for a “sizzling” range of spicy chicken burgers.  Level 1 features “a hit of green chilli lime sauce”, level 2 seems a bit generic with a “unique blend of sizzling spices” and level 3 is the “Flaming Green Curry”, which is apparently a “firework of Thai flavours in your mouth” – although that conjures up another image altogether. Level 4 is still to be revealed, and as you can see from the photo it comes with a warning! I wonder how hot they really are. There’s also a very nice sounding Yuzu McFizz drink to calm things down. (via FoodBeast)


McDonald’s Switzerland is introducing its own “Signature Range” and getting fancy with a $12 burger! The “Prime burger” includes a 180-gram Swiss beef patty topped with “rustic mountain cheese”, bacon, coleslaw, arugula and a special sauce. The new signature menu also includes oddly shaped fries (like potato chips), and four salads: The Ebly Salad (with wheatberries, melon, tomatoes and “a fine dressing”), potato salad, coleslaw and Caesar Salad. (via Burger Business)

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Subway is testing an interesting item in a few locations across the USA, Kung Pao Pulled Pork. The sauce is described as being a savoury combination of garlic and ginger with a sweet and spicy glaze. I’m not a fan of Subway but this would definitely tempt me. So would the return of meatballs in barbecue sauce. (via FoodBeast and Brand Eating)

Pizza Hut Hong Kong

Over to Pizza Hut Hong Kong for the stuff of nightmares – a crust stuffed with salmon-flavoured cream cheese and flying fish roe. Of course the toppings are just as odd – The “Crayfish Seafood Deluxe and Sausage” features crayfish, shrimp, clams, scallops, red onions, peppers, cherry tomatoes and thousand island dressing, while the “Pepperoni and Pomelo” includes mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, peppers, cherry tomatoes, berry sauces, peaches and pomelo (an Asian citrus fruit) sauce”. I’m sorry, these are just too disgusting to contemplate. They can keep their “endless tasty surprises”. (via FoodBeast)

Pizza Hut New Zealand

See, Pizza Hut? New Zealand knows how to do it! (via BrandEating)


Heading for dessert and we have a curious item from KFC in the USA. I reported on the “KFC Go” drive-through cups when they were first released, and now KFC is testing the replacement of wedges with sweet funnel cake “fries” (that’s not a nice name, it makes me think of big spiders). Apparently it’s their attempt at chicken & waffles. Hmm. I’m not a big chip eater, but I still think it’s odd that they don’t serve fries at KFC in the USA. (via Brand Eating)

Kit Kat Pizza

In the last news roundup I reported on bakeable Kit Kats, and of course the Japanese have taken things to the next level with Kit Kat pizza – adding mango, apparently. See here for more info & pictures (via That’s Nerdalicious).

Oreo Fruit Punch

Another week, another crazy variety of Oreo. Hey, why not try dunking these in fruit punch? Something tells me that this would be migraine-inducing. (via Consumerist)

Oreo icing

Mmm…squishy Oreos… (via FoodBeast)


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