Fast Food Fail: Red Rooster Bacon Lovers Collection


Is two a collection? Red Rooster seems to think so with its new “Bacon Lovers Collection”, which only includes a bacon-chilli cheeseburger and a bacon & cheese chicken roll. Bacon is of course a welcome addition just about anywhere, but something tells me it might be a token effort in this case…


The bacon-chilli cheeseburger is a snack sized item, and at only $3 it’s hard to expect much. No surprises here – this wasn’t very exciting. The bacon was pretty tough and tasteless – just like the chicken – and the chilli & garlic aioli adds a bit of flavour but not enough to be going back for seconds.


I don’t eat Red Rooster (or local competitor Chicken Treat) very often, but when I do I usually keep it simple and have a chicken roll so this one interested me. It’s supposed to look like the picture above.


I should have left it in the bag – this was exactly how it slid out. It looks like someone violated a plain chicken roll, ripped out some chicken, chucked some bacon and cheese at it and threw it in the microwave. This was a tasteless, oily, disgusting mess and I felt like I needed a shower afterwards. Ugh.


You can also buy a “bacon lovers pack” with the burger, chips, cheesy nuggets, mash potato, blah blah blah at a saving of over 25%, apparently. Don’t bother, both of these items were a huge disappointment.

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Martin was born in England but now lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has a passion for breakfast, coffee, hot curries & fast food, and is a cat & Dalek person.

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  • I learnt long ago that I hate Red Rooster, pretty much for the exact reason seen in your photo of the roll. For awhile I would get confused, and do that thing where I would eat there then say to my friends ‘Remind me never to come here again’. I would forget every 6 months or so and try again, but I have finally learnt that Red Rooster is the worst fast food joint that one can possibly eat at.

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