Excellent Reasons To Consider A Cruise For Your Family Vacation


As we suggested in a previous article on our website, travelling with children isn’t easy. Especially when you’re living on a budget and trying to find destinations that have fun things to do for all the family, there are challenges in your way. However, you might be able to overcome these (and other obstacles) by choosing a cruise holiday.

Here are the reasons why.

#1: Cruises are value for money

Cruises aren’t always particularly cheap, but you can sometimes get discounts if you are travelling as a family. And as cruise holidays are generally all-inclusive, you are going to make yourself heaps of savings too. You won’t have to spend a fortune on food, as all of your meals are included. You won’t have to spend more money than you can afford to try to keep your kids happy, as there is ready-made entertainment for your children on-board. And you won’t have to pay money on rental cars and bus rides when town and city-hopping, as a cruise gives you the opportunity to visit multiple places on your vacation. So, while you will still need to shop around for travel insurance for cruises and pay for the cruise itself, there shouldn’t be many other expenses you need to worry about. 

#2: There will be less stress

Travelling can be stressful, for all kinds of reasons. From lost luggage at the airport to worrying about losing your children when in an unknown country, it can sometimes be tempting to forget going away in place of a family staycation. Thank goodness for cruises then! You won’t lose your luggage or your kids, as both will be safely ensconced on the ship. You won’t have to deal with delayed flights, either, or the prospect of a hotel that doesn’t live up to the brochure. A cruise offers you a luxury holiday with plenty of time to rest and relax, away from the stresses that might befall any traveller stuck with problems at the airport and struggling to find decent accommodation.

#3: There is a lot for your children to do

Check out these family-friendly cruises for examples of what your children can get up to on a cruise. With live shows, swimming pools, water slides, sporting activities, roller-skating rinks, circus schools, and more, your children will never look at you with exasperated faces while uttering those infernal two words; “I’m bored!” Every day will be action-packed, and because most cruises also provide creche services and children’s entertainment staff, you will have the opportunity to get away and do your own thing without having to be at your children’s beck and call during the day.

#4: You will see more of the world

Not only does a cruise ship offer you some magnificent views of the world around you, from whale watching to island spotting, but you will also get to experience more of the world first-hand, as you aren’t only confined to your ship. Going port to port, you will have opportunities to visit many different places on your travels, unlike the experience you would get when travelling to one place on a plane, where you would normally be confined to one destination for your family vacation. Check out these Australian cruise holidays, for example, with opportunities to visit all of the major cities, as well as excursions to the Outback and The Great Barrier Reef! Just think about the many bucket list experiences you and your family will be able to tick off one vacation!

So, what are you waiting for? If we have whetted your appetite for a cruise vacation, then perhaps it’s time to book something for your family, be it this year or next! Let us know what you think, and if you have enjoyed a cruise holiday with your family, please let us know the highlights for you.

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