It’s nearly the end of term and time for another buffet lunch at the Australian College of Applied Education (ACAE) – this time it’s an Easter theme. As I have reported before, the quarterly ACAE buffet is a major assessment for cooking & hospitality students, and also a key promotional / public relations event for the college. I’m part of the “back room” staff, and it’s enjoyable to experience first-hand the hard work and skill of our students and trainers – it also brings some perspective to the unrelated work that I do on a daily basis. Oh, and the food is always good too…

Culinary Arts Manager Rohan makes sure that the food is of the highest standard before the guests arrive.

Hard working students ready for action.

Ready to go behind the bar.

As always, there’s an amazing selection of seafood..

…and don’t forget the meat. Stunning, and delicious.

There’s always plenty to drink as well!

Beautiful bread creations, all made in the college kitchens.

Proud chefs Mel & Prady.

My lunch plate. I wasn’t sure about the seaweed salad but the rest was exceptional!

Putting the finishing touches on dessert.

…and cheese to finish.

ACAE was Australia’s first private Hotel school, and has been in operation for 25 years. It caters for international and local students, and all Diploma level courses are VET FEE-HELP approved, so if you’d like to learn commercial cookery, channel your creative flair (or sweet tooth) into a career as a pastry chef or gain advanced hospitality skills, then you should check out ACAE’s website and Facebook page, and come along to an open day.

ACAE is located at 641 Wellington Street (across from Perth Arena and opposite Kings Square) and the college’s cafe is open to the public from 7am to 3pm Monday to Friday. It’s a great place to get a reasonably priced coffee, breakfast or lunch (and really cheap cakes!)