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When you look at all the cities in Australia, Sydney has got to be the big one. While the whole of Australia is a vast land of beauty and wonderment, the city life has a lot going for it too. And that’s the great thing about this country, the combination of the rural and the urban. As a tourist, you can spend forever traveling up and down the coasts, stopping at the big tourist attractions like Ayers Rock, but if you’re just about having a good time and getting some shopping done, then Sydney is the place for you. And Double Bay is the little secret native Sydney-ans like to keep to themselves, and here’s why…

World Of Whisky

If you’ve got a palate that can take the strong stuff, make sure you visit Australia’s only specialty whiskey outlet. These guys are behind the Annual whiskey show in Melbourne as well as in Sydney, and with nearly 500 whiskeys in stock, it’s not difficult to see why they’re the king of the whiskey suppliers! Pop in and try one of over 100 sampling bottles or attend one of the many themed events designed to lure in whiskey tasters old and new!

Christensen Copenhagen

If whiskey isn’t your cup of tea, but high-end fashion is, then this boutique has your name on it. Storing pieces by designers as wide-ranging as Alexander McQueen, Herve Leger, and Jonathan Saunders, you’re bound to find something that will suit your vintage and sexy tastes.

Bibo Wine Bar

If you’re after a night out with a few sensible drinks, there are plenty of options for you in Double Bay, but if you want some elegance and for a lovely night to never end, Bibo is the place to go. Looking like a fine upmarket European wine bar, the low lighting, and a deck out the back for some refreshing conversation out in the open air. You can opt for a few expensive wines, the Two Hands Shiraz well set you back $48, but you can also go for a couple of glasses at $12 each. Even if you wanted to go hell for leather on the drinks, it’s certainly within your power, but make sure you book a hotel in the vicinity and there are plenty around, and the Savoy Hotel is reasonably priced, but also a 3-minute walk around the corner. The food is also sublime, from the smoky mackerel to the roasted bone marrow, and they don’t skimp on their sweet treats here!

Chinta Kechil

For the taste of Malaysia, Chinta Kechil has got the spices covered. You can go for the lemak, which is a rice dish cooked in pandan leaf and coconut milk. Or the laksa, a spicy noodle type broth that is teeming with flavor. As far as comfort food goes, it isn’t difficult to find something that you will truly love here. And with the sheer variety on the menu, combined with the authentic Malay surroundings, this place would make the perfect start or end to a day in Double Bay.