Dodgy fast food review: KFC Nacho Box

KFC Nacho Box

Here we have the current promotion from KFC – the Nacho Box. Featuring popcorn chicken, corn chips, cheese and salsa for only $3.95 this looks like it might be a good value snack. I’m a little suspicious of the small amount of cheese shown in the picture, and there’s no mention of what the creamy-looking splodges are, but I’m willing to take a chance…

KFC Nacho Box

Looks ok from the outside.

KFC Nacho Box

Packed full of…oh dear. This photo speaks for itself – if you feel the urge to try it, make sure you bring some cutlery. The salsa has a surprising amount of flavour, but that’s as fas as the positives go. Still no clue what the goo is…and is grated cheese really that expensive? I’ll have my $3.95 back, please.

KFC Nacho Burger

There’s also a “Nacho Burger” with corn chips, presumably the same salsa and “nacho cheese sauce”, which I’m guessing explains the mystery substance in the Nacho Box. I think I’ll pass.

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  • We tried this the other day. The Nacho box was underwhelming and the sauce a little bit too hot for me but my hubby loved it.
    The burger was flat and they had put it together upside down, and no lettuce to be seen. It was also smothered in that hot sauce so I couldn’t eat much of it.

    Not impressed at all!

    By the way, did you see the FB viral post about the moldy cheese in a nacho box at KFC? I inspected mine thoroughly before eating.

  • Read this a week ago but only just commenting now. As I said on twitter, as soon as I saw the ad I thought ‘that looks terrible’ so I wasn’t a fan from the start but your review just supported my thoughts. Just stick to the chicken People are happy with the chicken. No need to go all Mexican. Good grief! Next they will be doing quinoa salads. Stick to the chicken.

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