Disappointing Breakfast Review: The Precinct, Victoria Park

The Precinct Restaurant in Victoria Park has been high on our list of places to try for breakfast, although in the early days it didn’t open until 9am which is about 2 hours too late for me. These days it’s open from 7:30am in the week and 8:00am on weekends, and today was the day to give it a go. Unfortunately it wasn’t a great experience.

I was pleasantly surprised by was the size of restaurant, and was expecting to have to fight for a tiny stool in a corner much like The Tuck Shop Cafe or nearby The Imp. It was by no means empty, but there were still plenty of tables available. It was a bit strange that we had to wait to be seated by the lady who was busy running the till, but there you go. Maybe I’m getting old, but the music was far too loud, especially for breakfast.


Starting with coffee, my cappuccino looked impressive but it was thin, weak and way too milky. Renay’s latte was much the same.


I ordered the full breakfast ($22), that looked interesting at first glance but didn’t hit the mark. The “sous vide scrambled eggs” were slimy in texture, didn’t really taste of anything and most definitely lacked seasoning (I’ll keep getting my normally cooked scrambled eggs from Picco’s Kitchen and West End Deli, thanks). The small bacon was thick-ish cut, but there wasn’t a lot of it. The triangular hashbrowns were hard to describe, other than odd and unpleasant. This isn’t the place to rant about gourmet beans, and while I applaud their attempt to make them look like a cute pot of “normal” beans, what is the point when they’re hard and tasteless? The pork sausages were tasty albeit a little underdone (I think some diners would have sent them back) and I must say that the black splodge of black pudding was quite delicious. The small piece of toast looked like an afterthought and wasn’t sufficient for a full breakfast.


Renay decided to try the yummy-sounding “peanut butter, bacon, banana toasty” ($10), and unfortunately decided to add a serving of hashbrowns. There was nothing wrong with the toasty, it tasted exactly as described but that was where it ended and we couldn’t really think of any other comments. Completely forgettable. A popular item on other tables was waffles with maple syrup and a white chocolate “egg”, which looked like gooey white chocolate cleverly served in some kind of egg shell and seemed to be confusing quite a few diners.

It’s all very well having a fussy and adventurous menu if your food delivers but today it just didn’t. We were both disappointed with our meals and won’t be going back.

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