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The restaurant at the Inglewood Hotel has been recommended to me on several occasions, so Renay and I decided to go there for dinner to celebrate the end of my recent house-moving / life-upheaval chaos. Centrally located on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley, the Inglewood Hotel has two bars, a garden / alfresco area, restaurant, function rooms and a bottle shop – you can see photos of the venue (including the one above) here.

We planned on having a three-course meal, and started at the “small plates” section of the menu for entree. We shared the roast pumpkin & feta arancini and pork, apple & sage handmade sausage rolls with cranberry chutney ($12 each).

The arancini were a little bland by themselves, although the pumpkin puree was excellent and saved the dish. The sausage rolls were very tasty, especially with the cranberry chutney. The pan fried chorizo, sherry & fresh crusty bread ($10) was also calling to me but three dishes for entree would have been too much. Well that’s what she said, anyway.

There is a large selection of mains available including salads (squid, duck & caesar), seafood linguini, lamb fillets, salmon, steak, burgers, daily specials and so on. One dish that stood out on another table was the beef, Guinness & mushroom pie which was massive. You can see the full restaurant menu here, including the kids menu. Several families were dining there that Saturday night, and there was a nice atmosphere throughout the venue.

I was once told that the Inglewood Hotel serves Perth’s best chicken parmagiana, even better than Kelly’s Cafe in Canning Vale and the glorious beast that used to be served at Mandurah’s M on the Point, although on this occasion I was lured away by the braised pork belly in chilli caramel with julienne salad (apple being the predominant ingredient), black vinegar and fresh herbs ($27). I never thought I’d say this, but this dish had almost TOO MUCH pork belly. This was hands down the best pork belly dish I’ve ever eaten. Outstanding.

Side rant: what has happened to the food at M on the Point, which received 14.5/20 in the West Australian Good Food Guide 2012? The quality and portion sizes are not what they used to be. And as for breakfast, their scrambled eggs are the weirdest I’ve ever tasted.

Renay ordered the potato gnocchi with roast pumpkin, green pea, zucchini, goats cheese & a burnt butter sauce ($23) which she described as a beautiful combination of ingredients you don’t find together on a plate in most restaurants.

For dessert, Renay tried the belgian chocolate & Kahlua mousse ($9), which she described as nice, but not “toe curling”. I was strangely drawn to the “special” dessert, meaning that once I tried it I realised why it was special… It was advertised as tortilla with caramelized banana, ice cream, toffee sauce and crushed peanuts. After ordering I was advised that the kitchen had no vanilla ice cream (or whipped cream either) and I was given the option of rainbow ice cream (which would have made for a more interesting, if somewhat psychedelic photo) or “gelato” – I chose the latter and discovered that it was orange sorbet. Oh well, if you’re going to serve me something fruity, citrus is a safe bet.

Sorbet aside, it tasted how it looks…weird. The tortilla was straight out of the packet and a bit like eating soggy cardboard. Some puff pastry or a biscuit would have been much more effective. The caramelized bananas were excellent, however, and the serving was very generous. The sorbet was nice, but it really didn’t work with the dish.

Being a hotel there’s plenty of options available when it comes to drinks, although we stayed mainly with soft options and I can report that the lemon lime & bitters were excellent. I did try the Matso’s on-tap alcoholic ginger beer which I would certainly have again.

For three courses we paid a grand total of $110 – I wouldn’t have flinched if the bill had been $50 higher. The food here is outstanding value for money, and I’ll certainly be back again soon to try the chorizo and parmy.

The Inglewood Hotel
Cnr Fifth Avenue & Beaufort Street
Mount Lawley  WA
Phone: (08) 9370 5511

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Martin was born in England but now lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has a passion for breakfast, coffee, hot curries & fast food, and is a cat & Dalek person.

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  • That gnocchi looks divine – I don’t usually like gnocchi because it’s a bit boring, but that version realy mixes it up.

    I used to go to the Inglewood a lot when I lived in the area. As long as there’s no big game going on, it really is quite pleasant 🙂

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