Coles Cookie Dough, White Choc & Salted Caramel Spreads

Coles spreads

I’m not a huge fan of Nutella, but I’m a sucker for anything new and / or fancy, so these spreads caught my eye in Coles recently.

Coles spreadsI’m not a huge fan of Nutella, but I’m a sucker for anything new and / or fancy, so theseΒ  spreads caught my eye in Coles recently. It’s taken me a little while to assemble the set of three, as the white chocolate has been out of stock for a few weeks. I bought these at $4.95 for each 350g jar, which is about the same cost per 100g as a 400g jar of Nutella.

So what are they, anyway? Aimed clearly at the Nutella / peanut butter market, the blurb on the tubs suggest “Grab a spoon and indulge. Spread over pancakes, biscuits or cakes, serve with ice cream or cut up a apple and dip away”.

At least they’re honest about the “health star rating” on the front – the white choc & caramel only rate 0.5!

Coles spreadsHere’s what the contents of each tub look like…

Coles spreads…and here’s a close-up spoonful of the cookie dough. It’s almost mousse-y, and easy to spread – not too sticky, which is a relief. The caramel & white chocolate seemed to be a little bit thicker than the cookie dough.

Taste-wise, they were all pretty much as described – sweet as you would expect, but not disturbingly so. Even the white chocolate wasn’t too sickly, there’s plenty of almond pieces in there showing that someone actually thought about it.

As for uses, their suggestions are pretty much on the money. I’m not sure about the ethics of spreading cookie dough onto a biscuit – it’s a cruel and unusual punishment, like a chicken omelette – but I tried it and it was very tasty indeed. My favourite of the three was the salted caramel, which isn’t particularly salty but has crunchy toffee pieces through it. In each variety there’s a good amount of the textural element, which was a surprise.

These aren’t the kind of thing I’d normally buy, and I have no idea what I’m going to do with them now, but I was impressed. Made in The Netherlands, these appear to be a quality product, and I’m not sure why their introduction hasn’t been more widely reported – they’re the kind of thing usually described by the media as bringing about the end of civilisation.

I’d say approach with caution – especially if you and / your offspring are likely to end up inside the tub with a spoon – but these are a very interesting creation.

Good job, Coles.

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