Classic MasterChef moments

As we know, MasterChef has recently returned to UK screens, and the most recent series of MasterChef: The Professionals is about to start screening in Australia on Foxtel. To whet your appetite,Β  I present the following classic MasterChef moments for your mid-week viewing pleasure. Be warned, there may be spoilers ahead…

If you’re not familiar with MasterChef The Professionals, here’s two good introductions:

…and here we have Vic & Bob doing MasterChef on Shooting Stars. Just seeing Bob Mortimer as Gregg always makes me laugh.

In a more recent classic moment, Digital Journal reports that in tonight’s MasterChef UK, 33 year old contestant Kennedy slices off the top of his middle finger with a potato peeler and it has to be glued back together by paramedics. Ouch. To make matters worse, he is (was?) a professional cellist. I thought about finding that infamous video of Rick Stein cutting himself with a mandolin, but I just can’t bear to watch it so I’ll spare you the discomfort.

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