Christmas, catered by Pizza Hut Singapore!

Many of us will spend our day tomorrow preparing Christmas lunches and dinners of varying sizes, flavours and traditions. Well, if you live in Singapore you can forget all that and order one of the new mind-boggling “Double Sensation” pizzas from Pizza Hut instead!


The description says it all really, if you can get to the end without feeling ill. Oh, it fails to mention the cherry in the middle. And who wants zucchini on a pizza?

pizza3-1When I fancy some “rigatoni in hazelnut creme” or “cheesy shrooms baked pasta”, I don’t immediately think of Pizza Hut (ok, I’ve never fancied either of those dishes before but you get the idea). I shudder to think at how unpleasant these meals are, and can’t begin to describe what the soup looks like. Those fries don’t look very thick, either.


If you were wondering what a “Sparkle” is, it’s just flavouring with bits.


Merry Christmas, from the hand of Santa himself.

(ViaΒ Foodbeast)


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