Choosing Organic Food for a Healthier Diet

Opting to eat more organic food in your diet, or even only organic food can bring with it its own set of health benefits. After all, the fewer chemicals we put into our body, the better, right? It is much easier than you think to adopt a more organic diet. And the best part is, it doesn’t even have to be more expensive than non-organic foods. Chances are, you may already be eating organic foods without even realizing it!

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Eat Local

One of the best ways to eat more organic produce is to visit local farmers’ markets. You can check out the products for yourself in its more natural and fresher form. You can even chat to the producers and find out how they throw their produce and the methods they use. One of the perks is that prices will be more affordable too as you can buy direct from the source and cut out the middle man resulting in fresher, more affordable organic fresh produce. A top tip is to eat seasonally. Purchasing fruits and vegetables when they are in season will reduce the likelihood they will be treated with pesticides and other chemicals

Grow Your Own

One way to be fully confident your fresh fruits and vegetables are fully organic is to grow them yourself. In the long run, should you find a natural affinity for growing fresh produce, you will be able to expand on your selection year after year. To start with, all you need is a few small pots and a shelf to store them on. Then you can expand as and when you have space. Herbs are one of the most natural things to grow and can be done on your kitchen windowsill. Most people start with more uncomplicated veggies such as carrots and fruits such as strawberries and tomatoes.

Fermented Foods

A fan of sauerkraut? Did you know you can buy organic fermented food products? You can still find foods you enjoy to eat, that are good for you and always carry the organic seal of approval. Check the labels of your favourite food products to find out if they have the organic certification number on them to be confident what you are buying is entirely organic.

Cut Waste, Shop More Economically

It is estimated that people waste around 20 – 30% of the food they buy. In most cases, the cost of buying organic food can seem a little more expensive. However, when you compare that to the food waste in your household, making a few changes to how you shop and what you buy could make all the difference to your household food budget. Simply be more careful with what you buy and buy less. This will help you account for the added expense to your budget.

Shop online for a wider variety of organic food choices and allow yourself the opportunity to buy foods to create a healthy, organic meal plan that is not only better for your health, but also the environment and your wallet too!

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