Choice Dining Picks In Australia’s Cities And Beyond

As regular readers of this site know, when it comes to finding somewhere to eat and drink in Australia, we really are spoiled for choice.

As regular readers of this site know, when it comes to finding somewhere to eat and drink in Australia, we really are spoiled for choice. In our greatest cities, and off the beaten track, there are regions worth exploring for the wonderful places to dine in. Some will be familiar, but there are places that deserve special mention, which may not quite be as popular as the bigger eateries in our towns and cities.

For visitors to our beautiful country, or to those of you who have spent all your days living in beautiful Australia, here are some choice picks on where to visit for some of the best dining experiences on offer, in the cities and beyond.

Beginning in Melbourne


There are some fabulous places to eat in the city, not least because it’s a veritable melting pot of different cultures and nationalities. Amongst the hidden laneways are some secret treasures, you should know about, from the hipster cafes near Flinders Street Station to the Croft Institute on Croft Alley, a bar that resembles the high school science labs of our youth.

We also recommend you leave the main streets alone to find some of the more unique places to eat. Try the Tokyo-inspired den that is Izakaya, who serve sweet corn balls and kingfish, or try the vibrant Indian flavors at the art-infused Tonka. Mamasita is a wonderful little Tapas Bar for those who are looking for the taste of Mexico, and you don’t want to miss Shanghai Village in the middle of Chinatown, a three-story dumpling house that is very affordable.

We recommend you hire a car and drive outside of the city and visit Brae, advertised here at, which was voted one of the ‘world’s best restaurants’ in 2016. 90% of the food there is sourced from the local land, from butter which is churned on site, to fruits and vegetables that are grown organically, so you are encouraging local farming by your visit.

Heading to Perth


With its Mediterranean climate, there are some excellent dishes to be tried in Perth’s cafes and restaurants. There are so many to choose from but have a look at the award-winning places to eat at From foods steeped in the cities culture to trendy new bars with international tastes, you won’t be short of choice.

However, don’t forget our mention of Gourmet Poshdog at, fantastic food created by a local Perth businessman, who is making quite a name for himself in the world of catering.

After stopping by to say hello, and when you have exhausted all else that the city has to offer, you should take the easy 3-hour drive to the magnificent wine region that is Margaret River. Book yourself a stay in one of the luxury chalets and cabins that can be found at and then comb the many wineries, breweries, and restaurants that are scattered throughout the region. With beautiful local scenery and some incredible places to eat and drink, you will be reluctant to leave.

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