Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Fast Food

Fast food news & review archives – there’s more to fast food than just McDonalds, Hungry Jacks and KFC…

Wassup Dog

Broadsheet Perth: Wassup Dog Opens in East Perth

When Jules Aknin first took his Wassup Dog food cart on the road , he sold just 14 dogs. He now boasts a cafe to go along with his fleet of carts.
short order burger

The WAAPA with cheese: celebrating International Burger Day with Grindhouse ECU and Short Order...

My answer to the question of best burger in Perth is easy: Short Order Burger Co. To celebrate International Burger Day, they teamed up with campus cafe Grindhouse ECU in a tribute to the classic Whopper: the WAAPA with cheese.
Umami Burger

New York Diaries: Umami Burger

One destination that wa high on my "must visit" list on our recent New York trip was Umami Burger, a burger chain that started in Los Angeles in 2009 with a range of burgers designed to amplify umami flavours.
Alfred's Pizzeria

Open today – Alfred’s Pizzeria, Perth CBD

Today marks the launch of Alfred's Pizzeria, a new small bar in the heart of the Perth CBD that serves authentic, quality pizza in a small bar environment.
Gourmet Poshdog

New to Perth – Gourmet Poshdog food truck

An empty block of land in Balcatta isn't the kind of place I'd normally go for lunch - and certainly not somewhere I'd expect to get a decent hotdog - but sometimes it's good to try something different!
KFC Zinger Black

Fast Food Review: KFC Zinger Black

Visit the KFC website today and it all looks a bit broken in honour of the latest promo burger, the "Zinger Black", which features a charcoal bun.
NeNe Chicken

Getting hot and sticky at NeNe Chicken, Victoria Park

I didn't think I'd led a particularly sheltered life, but somehow the wonder that is Korean fried chicken escaped me until a few months ago when I stumbled across Gami Chicken & Beer in Shafto Lane, and never looked back...and then there was NeNe Chicken in Victoria Park.
Burger bar

A little bit fancy…breakfast at McDonald’s Burger Bar, Northbridge

A few weeks ago there was considerable buzz on social media surrounding the opening of "Perth's Newest Bar" that some local VIPs & media people (alas not me!) had been invited to, and it turned out to be the launch of a new McDonald's "Burger Bar" in Melville.
Loaded fries

Fast food fail: Macca’s Loaded Fries

Although I can appreciate a truly good chip as much as the next man, I'm not the biggest fan of fries - especially the...
Johnny's Burgers

Back to Johnny’s Burger Joint, Canning Vale

I first went to Johnny's Burger Joint twelve months ago, and we returned this weekend to once again celebrate my Mother's birthday. We arrived early...

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