Buy-A-Meal to Help Keep our Frontline Fuelled


The start of the decade was filled with hope for most however the beginning has tested Australia. From severe bushfires which brought the best of humanity, to a global pandemic which has brought out the questionable side of humanity, there has been no rest. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a detrimental impact on the livelihood of all Australians in some way, therefore a call for help is necessary at unprecedented times like this.

Enter Buy-A-Meal, a project initiated by WA Mobile Food Vendors Association (WAMFVA) to support healthcare workers at the frontline whilst also supporting small businesses.


Todd Kempton, President of WAMFVA, advises that this initiative allows the community to actively utilise the resources of local vendors (who have heavily been negatively impacted by COVID-19), by fuelling healthcare workers during their shifts.

“The community support for healthcare workers has been incredible. The managers we have spoken to at hospitals have explained how ‘care packages’ are continually showing up to provide essentials for staff. While these donations have the best intentions, the scattered approach has led to more work where resources are already scarce. What our hospitals need is a well planned approach which provides frontline staff with a physical and mental boost, while having a minimal operational impact,” he says.

“Buy-A-Meal comes together to support people at the frontline who don’t have the opportunity to think about their next meal. This is our chance to unite as a community to fuel our healthcare workers at the same time as supporting our local vendors. Let’s bond together to show the best of humanity.”

From coffee to hearty meals to fresh salads to sweet treats, the community can donate whatever it is they wish.

How does it work?

  1. Local community members can visit where they are able to make a donation;
  2. These donations will facilitate local food trucks parking outside hospitals and providing free meals for healthcare workers;
  3. The workers will be able to use an app to see which food trucks are at their hospital, select their meal and pick up their freshly cooked meal while still practising social distancing;
  4. Each food truck will have an allocation of 100 donated meals then PAYG after until dishes run out. Workers have the choice to use a discount code to receive the donated meal or can just pay if they prefer;
  5. If, at the end of the shift, the food truck still has an allocation left of ‘donated meals’, these will be provided to homeless shelters and similar organisations.

Let’s come together and support the people at the frontline. Buy-A-Meal at

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