Burger roundup, including Angus Mac and his son


As foreshadowed several weeks ago, Macca’s this week launched its “Angus Mac” and “Son of Mac” limited edition burgers in commemoration of Father’s Day this coming Sunday.  There’s no great surprises or innovation here as they’re just different combinations of the classic “Big Mac” ingredients.

At only $2.50 the Son of Mac is intended as a quick snack, and it would definitely be much easier to eat than a Big Mac while driving / operating heavy machinery / completing other tasks.  I found the “Big Mac” flavour a bit overpowering for the small amount of meat & bun, however. I’ve never been a big fan of the Angus burgers, although this one actually works and the stronger taste of the burger patty seemed to tone down the “Big Mac” flavour for a reasonably pleasant experience. If it’s all the same to you, I’ll stick with the original.


To complete this round of limited editions there’s also a caramel shake, which was very sweet and I wouldn’t go there again. For breakfast there’s the “Angus & Egg Brekkie Roll” with swiss cheese & mayo in it, which makes me feel sick just thinking about it.

Burger King-French Fry Burger

In other news from around the globe, Burger Business reports that Burger King in the USA will soon be offering this “Fry Burger” for a mere $1. This wouldn’t really appeal to me, although I expect it would sell really well in Australia. You can’t really complain at $1, can you?


McDonald’s celebrates 30 years in Norway with two really hard to pronounce items – a special anniversary burger featuring grilled onions, cranberry sauce, McFeast sauce, bacon, lettuce & Jarlsberg cheese and a McFlurry made with Freia brand Norwegian milk chocolate and chocolate sauce (via BrandEating).


Now this is true love, and EXACTLY what my wedding cake is going to look like (via FoodBeast).

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  • Tried the new Macs last night. I like the cheeseburger sized Son of Mac (as I LOVE the Big Mac flavour and sauce) and would definitely order this again. The Angus Mac I didn’t rate at all. I ordered extra sauce in anticipation of the patty outweighing the sauce and I was right. Unfortunately, the patty was so dry that the extra sauce couldn’t compensate, and I was just left with a dry, disappointing version of a Big Mac. Honestly I’ve made better Big Mac interpretations at home. I agree – stick with the regular, I should have known you can’t improve on perfection!

  • What i like about the son of mac is you can buy four of them for a ten dollar note without having to worry about counting change.
    And you can eat them all before you get out of the drive in bay without spilling
    ingredients all over your lap,and2 you can be back at work in a few seconds, without that blotted full feeling.
    Now.. you couldn’t do that if they were
    actually as big as they show in the adds.

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