Burger King Japan Unleashes Garlic Meat Beast!


This week in our regular jaunt across the world in search of weird & wonderful fast food, we head to Japan for Burger King’s Garlic Meat Beast Whopper. This looks like a rather challenging eat, with a quarter pound of beef, a pork patty, a chicken breast fillet, fried garlic slices, red miso & green onion sauce, teriyaki sauce, lettuce, onions, tomato, and mayonnaise.


Also on offer is the slightly less intimidating (but I’m not sure that it’s more appetising) Double Garlic Cheese with two regular beef patties, fried garlic, cheddar cheese, bacon and a spicy pepper Caesar sauce. These burgers are available now for a limited time.


While we’re in Japan, let’s pop over to KFC for dessert where you can grab a free hand-crank, hand-held ice cream maker with certain combo meals. Unfortunately you have to buy the ice cream ingredients yourself but it’s still a very cool promotion!!

(via Brand Eating)

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