Broadsheet: Perth’s Best Cafe Openings of 2022

hanks corner

After a Covid-induced slowdown, Perth is now experiencing a rush of new cafes. This year’s best newcomers include holes-in-the-wall, bakeries and more conventional cafes, alongside coffee-roasting debutants. Food-wise, we’ve noticed a move towards sandwiches, bagels and pastries as core menu offerings, perhaps a knock-on effect of challenges business owners are facing in a post-Covid world, such as staffing issues.

Here, in alphabetical order, are 10 of the most notable new cafes in Perth that have turned our heads this past year: 3.8 Baysie, Alberta’s, Bagel O’s, Deli’s Continental, Giant Coffee, Goods Bakery, Hank’s Corner, Hinata Cafe, Obi Coffee, Parkside Coffee.

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(Image : Morsels / Hank’s Corner)

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