Brisbane breakfast #2: Gauge, South Brisbane



I had a few options for a decent breakfast in the South Bank area, and my second Brisbane breakfast choice was Gauge from Jerome Batten, the man behind another popular Brisbane cafe and grocer, Sourced Grocer.

I knew roughly where Gauge was located but it was still hard to find as there was no signage whatsoever, and the door doesn’t look like it belongs to a restaurant. Thankfully I’d seen a photo of the inside which confirmed I was in the right place.


Gauge specialises in locally sourced produce and artisanal fare made in-house, even including the sourdough bread. There is a plenty of seating, although be prepared to share a table during busy times.


Coffee is from New Zealand & Melbourne based roaster Coffee Supreme, presumably their Five Star Day blend – well, that’s what’s on the shelf anyway. The barista takes his craft very seriously, and spent his time between customers weighing shots.


Once again, my cappuccino was foam-less, although the high quality dark chocolate made for a decent, if not particularly memorable, cup.

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The menu has some very interesting choices. I’ve seen photos of the sourdough waffle dish and it looks incredible, although I really wasn’t sure about artichoke custard so decided to stick with boring old bacon & eggs.


Well I say boring, but this “soft eggs on house sourdough with heritage pig” ($16) was anything but – it was a plate of the finest ingredients cooked to perfection, and the kind of meal that means you can never again be satisfied with pedestrian bacon & eggs. Damn.

I really enjoyed my breakfast at Gauge, although the menu probably means that this isn’t the kind of place you would go to eat every day – in saying that, the coffee is good and there was a nice-looking selection of pastries & cakes on the counter.

This is certainly a different experience to most cafes, and the location feels almost secret – it’s a great place to watch the rest of the world go about its business while you enjoy your breakfast. Gauge is definitely one for the list, especially if you like an adventurous menu.

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