Brisbane breakfast #1: The Roastery Cafe, South Brisbane

The Roastery Cafe

I spent last week working in Brisbane – staying in South bank – and it’s somewhere I haven’t visited for a few years so was of course excited to sample some of the local food and coffee. My days were annoyingly full with work so I had to focus on breakfast and dinner.

A buffet breakfast was included in my hotel room (the comfortable and convenient Mantra), but that’s no fun at all and I only tried it on the first day when I had no time to spare – it was quite limited compared to some hotel buffets, and I certainly wasn’t game to try their coffee…

The Roastery Cafe

On day two I had some more time on my hands, so headed to The Roastery Cafe, which was about five minutes walk from my hotel. The cafe is attached to “specialty” roastery, Rouge Coffee.

The Roastery Cafe

It’s pretty simple inside, as long as you’re not allergic to wood you’ll be fine.

The Roastery Cafe

The menu had a few interesting items, and you can see some of them above, or here. I was tossing up between two items not on this menu, and settled for savoury mince with a poached egg.

My other potential choice was a waffle with bacon and other things that now escape me, although I do remember there being some kind of ice cream (cinnamon, I think?) and it was too damn cold for that that.

The Roastery Cafe

I was sat by the window with no protection from the elements – and a great view of the building site across the road – and of course I didn’t take a jacket, or anything long sleeve that I could afford to get covered in breakfast. Unfortunately my coffee took a while to arrive and this was common to all three cafes I tried – maybe it’s a Brisbane thing?
The Roastery CafeOne thing I did like about Brisbane is that almost every cafe opens early (7am at the latest) seven days a week.

The Roastery CafeThe coffee was good but not particularly memorable – I was expecting something better from a roastery – although anything hot and wet would have been welcome by the time it arrived.

Speaking of Brisbane things, is the lack of foam on a cappuccino one of them…or is it just banned everywhere now? I happen to like a cappuccino at breakfast, although I’m beginning to feel like a coffee leper when I order one. If I wanted a flat white with some chocolate on top I’d ask for one, or order a mocha.

Maybe I’m destined to drink coffee only in shopping centers from now on 🙁

The Roastery CafeAnyway…my breakfast finally arrived, and it was more tomato-y than I was expecting, but perfectly tasty nonetheless. I probably wouldn’t order it again, but there were plenty of other things to choose from.
The Roastery Cafe
Alert: this is one of those damn hipster cyclist cafes. There’s nothing more humiliating than well-groomed fit people in Lycra watching you stuff your face, and I think it’s time there was a legal requirement to warn patrons about this before you order an iced coffee with extra whipped cream and a large bowl of chips.
The Roastery Cafe

The Roastery Cafe is a little off the main South Bank strip but it seemed popular with cyclists, workmen and office workers alike. The coffee was good and the food was interesting – just take a jumper with you early in the morning, or perhaps a bike.

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