Breakfast with a smile: Moments Cafe, Joondalup

Moments Cafe

Moments cafe

Much has been said about Perth having lost its “soul” and how it’s become like a big, impersonal, mining town. We’ve had to accept that service isn’t what it used to be, but the reality of this really hits home when you find somewhere that goes the extra mile when it comes to looking after the customer – Moments Cafe in Joondalup is one such place. It’s certainly not what you’d expect to find on a suburban street amongst a Dome Cafe and Indian & Chinese restaurants…

Moments Cafe

We found it unusual to be greeted with a “Please wait here to be seated” sign right in the doorway of such a small cafe. Things went from unusual to just plain weird when we were greeted by a man in a funny hat…

Moments Cafe

Yes, that would be him. He showed us to our table, and proceeded to engage us in banter such as asking where our funny hats were as it was International Funny Hat day, and so on. I guess some might find it annoying, but we found it really refreshing, and it didn’t feel forced – it’s just the way Moments Cafe is. Service during our meal was always attentive and with a smile, and it was clear that the staff make an effort to get to know and engage with their regular customers. If you check out their Facebook page, you’ll see they have a definite sense of humour!

You can see the extensive Moments Cafe menu here which covers breakfast and lunch, although the menu we had this morning was a little different – it was presented in a little book with pictures of every meal! Yes, this place is quirky in just about every way. Moments Cafe is open from 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Sunday.

Moments Cafe

My cappuccino was nice, and there was plenty of it – this was a “regular” size, and it was huge. I guess it could have been a little stronger, but it was very creamy which keeps me happy at breakfast time.

Moments Cafe Same for Renay’s latte – nice, and large.

Moments Cafe

How could I resist the Macho-fast? Perfect poached eggs, a pile of bacon, nice pork sausages, hash browns (yes, real ones), mushrooms, baked beans, tomato, steak and toast! I don’t normally have steak at breakfast, but this was coated with subtle spices and was very nice. This meal wasn’t cheap at $26, but I have no complaints – yes, I finished it all. If I had to pick on something, I like my toast a little more solid than ciabatta, but I’m clutching at straws here.

Moments Cafe

Renay chose the vegetarian breakfast with spinach, beans, hashbrowns, tomato, eggs (fried here obviously) and toast. No complaints from her either.

Moments Cafe

We arrived just after 8:30 on Sunday morning and nearly every table inside had a “Reserved” sign on it – at first we thought this was just for show, but as our meal went on we saw that these were genuine bookings, and even saw potential customers being turned away.

Good service can cover a multitude of sins, however at Moments Cafe it’s just part of the experience. We had nothing to complain about with either the coffee or the food – okay, it’s not “fine dining”, but this is Joondalup and who needs to be fancy all the time? We both agreed that we would go back to Moments Cafe, as much for the service as for the food. The people who live or work close enough to go here on a regular basis must love it.

If you’ve forgotten what friendly service is like you should take a drive to Joondalup and check out Moments Cafe. Highly recommended.

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