Breakfast review: Y2K Cafe Restaurant, Rockingham

Now that I’m back at work, I’ve renewed my long-standing tradition of heading out early on a Saturday morning for a quiet breakfast. To me, this is the essential start to any weekend, giving me time to reflect on the week gone by and provide a welcome change of scene from the inside of my office.

Y2K Cafe Restaurant

My destination today was Y2K Cafe Restaurant on the Rockingham beach front, a place that I have heard good things about from a number of people. Y2K is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday from 8am.Β  Today I arrived just as it was opening, and was lucky enough to have the whole restaurant to myself for the duration of my breakfast. It is quite small inside, I would estimate seating to be around 50 in total including the tables outside – I can imagine it being quite cramped and noisy when busy.

I find it very hard to go past a cooked breakfast, and on offer here is bacon, two eggs, sausage, field mushrooms, tomato and toast ($16). Hash browns are extra ($2.50)…alas, no baked beans. Other items on the breakfast menu include pancakes with bacon & maple syrup or berry compote & cream ($12.50 each), Bircher muesli with natural yoghurt, fresh fruit, toasted almonds & honey ($10) and eggs on toast with smoked salmon ($14), bacon ($12) or tomato & mushrooms ($12).

Y2K’s lunch and dinner menu is quite sophisticated for the area, featuring complex seafood dishes and ingredients such as confit duck and rabbit. It is located away from the main beachfront restaurant precinct, and I get the feeling that it considers itself to be a hidden gem for those in the know. Lacking a website is certainly unusual these days.

Y2K Breakfast

The outstanding item on the plate was the bacon, no off-the-supermarket-shelf rashers here. I’d go as far to say it was possibly the tastiest bacon I’ve eaten at breakfast. I ordered scrambled eggs which I would have preferred a little creamier, but that’s just personal taste and there was certainly nothing to complain about. I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms at breakfast, but these were well seasoned and not too overpowering, going nicely with the eggs. The sausage was beef, and like the bacon it was a quality ingredient and very tasty. The butter packets were cold, although the chef had thought to sandwich them between two pieces of toast so they were a bit more manageable.

Y2K coffee
I ordered a cappuccino in a mug rather than a cup, and wished I hadn’t. As in many restaurants, the coffee was horrible – bitter and watery. Enough said.

All in all a very nice breakfast, well cooked with good quality ingredients and reasonably priced – just order something to drink other than coffee. I’m certainly keen to revisit Y2K for lunch or dinner.

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  • The coffee would be like depends whos working, ive noticed the irish lady tends to make them a bit bad, its a coffee machine which you have to handle yourself turning it off when the correct amount of coffee is in there. I find somedays the coffee is lovely
    I wish they never shut down!

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