Breakfast Review: To The Woods, Bassendean

Bacon & eggs

To The Woods

A little off the beaten track today with a visit to the curiously named To The Woods cafe in Bassendean, located in the new development area of Old Perth Road. Conveniently near the corner of Guildford Road and opposite the Bassendean train station, To the Woods is open from 7am to 3pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday for breakfast and lunch.

The breakfast menu is reasonably priced and includes items such as fruit toast ($6.50), eggs Benedict ($15 with ham or $17 with salmon), pancakes with ice cream, maple syrup & banana or berries ($14), spanish baked beans with chorizo, feta & poached egg ($15) and dark rye toast with ricotta, avocado, rocket & poached egg ($15).

To The Woods

We both really enjoyed our coffee ($4) – not too strong and very creamy, perfect for a gentle start to a Saturday morning. I noticed they also have white hot chocolate on the drinks menu which is one of my favourites – not really a breakfast drink, unfortunately!

Bacon & eggs

Renay ordered scrambled eggs & bacon with sourdough toast ($14) – simple, but beautifully presented. Where else in Perth do you get bacon & eggs served like this? The eggs were really creamy, the bacon was of high quality and very tasty. You could add mushrooms ($4) or grilled tomato ($3) – there’s no loading up with sausages and hash browns, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s just not that kind of place. Renay thought the serving size was perfect.


I ordered the “jumbo ham and cheese croissant” ($7, add tomato for $2) which was as advertised – big. It arrived quite a while after our other items, and I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it being rather over-cooked. It was way too crunchy and I’d have liked a little more filling but for $7 I can’t complain.

They also serve a baked croissant filled with ricotta, choc-hazelnut spread, freshly roasted hazelnuts and maple sautéed banana ($14). I’m wondering why I didn’t try this because it sounds awesome.


Just fancy some toast? Try some sourdough or gluten free with honey, Vegemite or this amazing home-made strawberry jam ($5.50).

To The Woods

Lots of goodies in the counter fridge too, including raw cakes and slices. Lunch options change daily, and include vegetarian and vegan options – today there was a very interesting sounding popcorn-encrusted chicken burger ($12.50).

To The Woods

We arrived at To The Woods just after 8am on Saturday and there were already plenty of customers – there’s not a huge amount of room inside, and by the time we left it was  just about standing room only. Many of the customers appeared to be locals, and it’s certainly family friendly – we actually felt a little out of place not having a child with us! I get the feeling that it’s one of those hidden gems, a place that its regular customers love and don’t want to share with the outside world.

To The Woods isn’t the kind of place for a lazy breakfast with friends – it’s where you go for well priced, quality coffee & food served with a smile to help you get through the day. I’m not sure that I’d travel a long way to go there, but if you’re in the area I doubt you’ll find any better. Recommended.

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