The Old Laundry, North Perth – breakfast review

The Old Laundry

The Old Laundry

We used to visit the cafes on Angove Street in North Perth quite frequently when we lived in Dianella, although there was never anywhere there that stood out enough to demand a regular return once we left the area. A recent addition to the “strip” is The Old Laundry, and we decided to pay them a visit this Saturday to see if it would change our minds.

The Old Laundry

Being primarily a bar, The Old Laundry has a modern fit out and there are plenty of places to sit. It’s surprisingly big inside, I doubt you’d ever need to be worried about it being too full for breakfast which is a good thing these das. It’s also open from 7am every day, which always adds bonus points.

The chairs outside on the street-side looked rather flimsy but there’s some more “normal” seating inside, and it continues out the back. You can also sit by the front window and watch the world go by, as you can see in the top photo.

The Old Laundry

Coffee to start of course, and thankfully it was a good one after some duds over the last few weeks. There was no sugar to be seen anywhere, so be prepared to ask if you need it.

The breakfast menu includes a small but interesting selection, although curiously there’s no pricing shown for any of the main dishes. It actually turned out to quite reasonable – and coffees were only $3.50 – so I don’t think this is cause for concern.

Items include granola with sherry & saffron poached pears and yoghurt, ricotta pancakes with bacon, rum flambe banana & maple syrup, quesadillas with smoked cheese, black bean salsa & creme fraiche and Moroccan baked eggs with deconstructed chicken sausages & tomato sugo (what is a deconstructed sausage? A meatball and some skin?)

The Old Laundry

I chose the breakfast brioche, with chorizo, fried egg, rocket and Bravas sauce ($18). This was a really nice breakfast burger – the brioche was soft and crisp, the chorizo of high quality and the egg was nice and runny. The Bravas sauce wasn’t too strong, more like a rich tomato sauce than anything spicy.

The beans were an unexpected surprise, and definitely the best “homemade” beans I’ve had in Perth – perfectly cooked with the right amount of spice. I’d be happy to eat these with any breakfast dish.

The Old Laundry

Renay headed straight for the smashed avocado with persian feta and poached eggs ($16), and wasn’t disappointed although it didn’t stand out against over versions of this dish around town (although I’m beginning to wonder how much more you can do with it).

The Old Laundry

The coffee and food at The Old Laundry were both good, although nothing particularly outstanding (beans aside) when you place it amongst some of the amazing new breakfast destinations we have in Perth at the moment. Where The Old Laundry excels, however, is in comfort and atmosphere. It’s a great place to sit and watch the world go by, or to catch up with friends for a leisurely breakfast.

No doubt it’s very busy in the evenings, and based on what we saw today it certainly deserves to be. Recommended.

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