Breakfast Review: Sunsets, Rockingham Beach

Sunsets on the Rockingham Beach foreshore was recommended to me so I went there this morning with high expectations and an empty stomach, having not been out for breakfast for a few weeks. I’ve been down to that area a few times looking for breakfast – there are several candidates – however I usually get there too early and 8:30am seems to be the opening time across the board. It’s an area I’ve eaten in several times over the years, including lunch at Bellisimo Ristorante Pizzeria and dinner at Steel Tree which always seems to be busy although I’ve never found the food particularly inspiring.

I arrived at Sunsets at 8:30am sharp and there were already a dozen people in the restaurant, with a table of ten arriving shortly after me. I think the staff were caught short by the Easter crowds, as there were only two of them on the floor and I could tell they were in a bit of a flap, although I couldn’t fault the efficient and friendly service that they offered.

My obligatory cappuccino was much as I’d expect from such a restaurant, i.e. hot, wet and drinkable with a couple of sugars. The complimentary nugget of shortbread was very nice.

Sunsets’ breakfast menu includes some boringly healthy items such as fruit salad ($8.90) and muesli ($9.90), as well as standard fare such as pancakes ($11.50), a selection of muffins ($3.50), a ham and cheese omelette ($15.50) and of course a cooked breakfast based around eggs on toast. You can either choose the components of your breakfast, or go for the “Sunsets Big Breakfast” ($19.90) which is a little cheaper than the sum of its parts and includes two eggs with toast, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, hash brown and grilled tomato. The menu ominously stated “no alterations” next to this item, and I expected a fight when asking for beans on the side ($2.50) but it was no problem.

My first thought when this was put down in front of me was “wow” – it looked like an exceptional breakfast, so I removed the unnecessary greenage and insipid-looking tomato and tucked in. The poached eggs were perfectly cooked, although there was only one piece of toast and no butter; the bacon was tasty but needed more cooking; the sausages were ok but a little beefy for my liking; as you can see from the photo I had trouble actually finding beans in the sauce, and because there was only one bit of toast these remained uneaten; the mushrooms were excellent but the hash browns were cold. Hmm. But worst of all there was a strong taste of vinegar coming from somewhere; the obvious suspect was the poached eggs but it seemed to be coming from the small amount of tomato sauce that I foolishly added to my plate. Very unpleasant.

Sunsets’ lunch and dinner menu can be seen here. Entrees are around $15-$20 and include pate, seafood chowder, oysters and caesar salad. Mains are around $30 and include a good variety of seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes. The “Hawaiian style pork chops with spice pineapple toffee, polenta cake and steamed greens served with sage sauce” ($28.90) sounds like a winner to me. There is also a decent kids menu and a snacks menu (available 11am-6pm daily) that offers burgers, steak sandwich, risotto etc at around $15-$20 so there’s plenty to choose from at lunch time.

My breakfast today was disappointing, but a good effort that could be improved with a few tweaks. I doubt I’ll be going back for breakfast on my own but I would definitely try Sunsets for lunch or dinner, especially if I was with visitors to the area as its location and views are fantastic. Sunsets serves buffet breakfast on Sundays from 8:30am to 10:30am, and I would expect it to be a worthwhile experience with friends or family.

Shop 1 & 2 The Boardwalk
1 Railway Tce
Rockingham WA 6168
phone: (08) 95281910

Opening Hours
8:30am to late, 7 days a week

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