Breakfast review: Stones Pizza & Cafe, Canning Vale

My breakfast reviewing has slowed down lately because I’m getting tired of drinking awful coffee and eating the same foods prepared to varying degrees of mediocrity from week to week. That being said, it was with some delight that I stumbled across Stones Pizza & Cafe in Canning Vale where I had one of the most enjoyable and interesting breakfasts in a long time.

Stones has stores in North Perth & Canning Vale and is best known for its pizza which I haven’t had the opportunity to try, but based on the awards they’ve received they must be doing something right – indeed, the West Australian Good Food Guide 2011 places them at the top of its “five of the best” pizza list. You can see their full pizza menu here – the cajun chicken (with sweet potato, black bean, red onion, capsicum, jalapenos and sweetcorn) sounds fabulous.

The Canning Vale store opens for lunch on Fridays and breakfast & lunch on Saturdays and Sundays, and the cafe menu can be seen here. Breakfast items include:

  • muesli with macadamia and maple syrup ($8.50)
  • blueberry pancakes or cinnamon french toast with maple syrup ($12)
  • omelette with three fillings (choice of ham, cheese, tomato, feta, spring onion, shrimp, spinach, roast capsicum, chicken, mushroom and smoked salmon at $2.50 extra) ($14)
  • green eggs & ham (pesto scrambled free range eggs, spring onion, feta, on leg ham and toast with tomato relish) ($13)
  • baked eggs with Italian toast (free range eggs, kangaroo and emu chorizo, spinach, black bean, roasted potato baked with mozzarella & spring onion or free range eggs, mushrooms, melanzane, spinach, shallot, sweet potato & tomato baked with brie cheese) ($14)

The lunch menu includes toasted sandwiches ($7.50), salads ($10-$15) and some rather tasty sounding burgers ($5-$15).

So on with breakfast. Let’s get the negatives out of the way – the service was very unfriendly. If you need to work on a Saturday morning, either don’t stay out all Friday night or at least make the effort to look like your customers aren’t a major inconvenience. And this wasn’t a once-off – we had actually walked into Stones early on a Saturday morning several weeks before, but the staff didn’t speak or make eye contact so we left and went elsewhere.

After some fafffing about, the staff managed to take our order for coffee and breakfast. As always, I made the mistake of upsizing my cappuccino to a mug which just never works.

The coffee was ok, but nowhere near as good as The Roastery a few minutes away – and you certainly don’t get grumpy service there.

I chose the big breakfast – free range eggs any style (poached today), Italian toast, eye bacon, lean pork, apple & sage sausage and pan fried potato ($15.50) with extra baked beans ($3). I was taken aback by the quality of this breakfast – perfect eggs, tasty bacon, gourmet pork sausage, crunchy toast and a generous mound of flavourful pan fried potato and capsicum. Different and absolutely delicious. My mother chose the frittata (caramelised red onion, spinach, roasted capsicum, cherry tomato and goat’s cheese) ($10) which was reheated but still very tasty.

I’ll be going back for breakfast soon, and I won’t hesitate to try the pizzas if I get the opportunity. The food is highly recommended, but the service leaves a bit to be desired.

Stones Pizza & Cafe
214 Campbell Road
Canning Vale   WA   6155
phone: 9256 4083

Opening Hours
Mon – Thurs: 5pm – 9pm
Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat & Sun: 8am – 10pm (Cafe Menu only until 11am)

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