Breakfast review: Coode Street Cafe, Mount Lawley

At the end of this leafy street in Mount Lawley lies the Coode Street Cafe, a surprisingly busy restaurant that looks and feels a little out of place in the middle of suburbia. Renay and I arrived at about 9am on Sunday morning and were encouraged by the number of people already dining there and also the number of reserved tables. Parking was a bit of a hassle, and we wondered how a venue that can seat so many (we estimated around 100) can get a license to operate in an area with hardly any parking.

We chose to sit inside, and although it was already busy there was plenty of room and the atmosphere was light and friendly – several families were dining at large tables. Our coffees were ordered and delivered quickly while we were perusing the breakfast menu.

Renay’s latte was served in a beer mug for some reason, and was the same as my cappuccino – weak.

You can see the cafe’s breakfast menu here, which includes items such as toasted croissants, fruit salad, bagels, hotcakes with berries ($16.00), eggs benedict ($20.50) and gourmet baked beans (grr). I was considering the “who needs lunch?” breakfast, although at $20.50 for bacon, eggs, chipolata, tomato & mushroom with New Norcia toast it looked rather expensive and seemed unlikely to fill me up given the absence of baked beans (normal or otherwise) and a potato cake / hash brown. Still, adding chipolatas & bacon to eggs on toast would cost $20.00 so I decided to go the whole hog for an extra 50 cents.

The scrambled eggs were ok but nothing spectacular. The bacon was like leather (how do you do that?). The chipolata (singular) was nice but burnt. The tomato was completely black on top. The mushrooms were pretty tasteless. The toast was almost-too-well toasted, and no butter was provided which made it very hard to chew. Who needs lunch? More like what’s for second breakfast! This was one of the most expensive and disappointing breakfasts I’ve had in Perth in a long time.

(Side note: for those with large appetites, my benchmark for the “no lunch breakfast” in Perth remains the meal named just that at Giardini in Leederville)

Renay ordered the corn fritters with avocado and tomato salsa, rocket and capsicum relish ($14.50), with a side of chipolatas ($4.50).  To add insult to injury she received THREE chipolatas! She found the fritters pleasant and enjoyable but not enough to have her rushing back. We both agreed that the capsicum relish on her dish was the tastiest thing that either of us were served.

Coode Street Cafe also serves lunch, and you can see the menu here if you’re interested, but this is one place I certainly won’t be going back to. I just can’t understand why it was so busy given it’s high pricing and the competition on nearby Beaufort Street. Mount Lawley’s best kept secret? I’d keep it that way.

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Martin was born in England but now lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has a passion for breakfast, coffee, hot curries & fast food, and is a cat & Dalek person.

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  • I’ve been eating there once a week since 2005 and never had a bad experience. It’s pricey because it’s so good. There’s no competition from Beaufort Street; that’s where the ones who don’t know about the Coode St Cafe go! Sorry your experience was so bad. I’d say it was an anomaly as the cafe seems even busier than before, now.

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