Breakfast review: Cantina 663, Mount Lawley

In our never ending search for new breakfast destinations, we recently headed to Urbanspoon and found Cantina 663 on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley placed firmly in the #1 spot, as well as being at the top of the fine dining category. We’ve since been there for breakfast on two consecutive Sundays – which in itself is an indication of how good our experience was – and its popularity means that tables are in short supply after 8am.

Cantina 663 describes itself as a “European canteen” which strives to use organic ingredients wherever possible. It is open for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week and antipasto and dinner monday through saturday. Check out the website here for menu and other information – although I’m focussing on breakfast here, there’s plenty to experience throughout the day.


On our first visit there was an initial mixup with our coffees (they were sent to the wrong table), although the replacements arrived quickly and confidently without any sugar to be seen. Renay found her lattes a little weak, while my cappucino & mocha were good, but not earth-shattering. The almost endless queue for takeaway coffees seems to mean that plenty of others disagree with me.

“Mama’s breakfast” ($21.50) includes scrambled eggs, bacon, chipolata, beans, mushrooms and hash brown. All of the ingredients were excellent and well cooked, with the hash brown being a delicious potato cake (and buried in the photo). I didn’t particularly like the beans, but that’s no great surprise. If the eggs look a little anaemic it’s just the harsh light & some dodgy photo retouching.

Side rant: I know that this is probably a horrific concept to many chefs and restaurants, but baked beans should come out of a tin with “Heinz” on the label. I don’t want some weird undercooked bean / herb / tomato concoction at breakfast time. Almost everywhere I go these days seems to have “fancy” beans and it’s pissing me off. Cafe Elixir in Wanneroo lists “proper” beans on its menu as well as home-made ones, although they only appear on the kids menu – but that’s a fight for another day…

The mince on toast with a fried egg, slow roasted tomato and “house made” HP sauce was absolutely delicious, not to mention a very generous portion. I’ll certainly have this again. Would go great with some “proper” beans…

I’m not usually a big fan of banana bread ($6.50), but this is stunning. It’s a huge serving for the price, and it’s so moist that the delicious vanilla butter almost makes it too greasy.

The side serves, such as these mushrooms, are all generous. Other items on the varied breakfast menu include bircher muesli ($14), grilled sardines on ciabatta ($14), polenta with tomato, white beans & slow cooked eggs ($16.50), a simple ham & cheese toastie ($7.90) or perhaps an espresso martini ($13) if you’re still going from the night before.

Cantina 663 seems hard to fault for breakfast, and I suspect that lunch and dinner will be no different. The service, food & coffee are excellent and the setting is cool and casual without being pretentious. In what seems to be an increasingly fierce contest, we have another contender for the best breakfast in Perth. Highly recommended.

Cantina 663
663 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley
Phone: (08) 9370 4883

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  • I totally agree with your comment about the beans. I blame all these cooking shows and celebrity chefs. You can not go past Heinz beans.

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